Pathfinder for Savage Worlds opinions


Thing about Savage Pathfinder is that players could transition to another world, and it would not change the game overly. They could go to Shaintar, Rifts, and even fight low level Supers.

I am currently thinking about running an SW game, in which players can pick characters from any setting, and turning them in demigods earlyish so that I can run a Suzerain type game.

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Sir Brennen

Ah, I didn't get the boxed set so no chase cards for me. I guess now I have no choice but to ignore a part of SW I didn't like anyway :)

Page 131 in the SWPF book:
Whether a daring rooftop chase in the dead of night or a desperate escape through an illlit dungeon, a chase can be played out like a
regular combat, or using a Quick Encounter (see page 161). Or you can check out our Narrative Chase Deck to resolve the action.

So, yeah, SWPF completely ditches the existing SW Chase rules, but I've used them to fun effect in some games.

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