Paths of Legend: The Sunless Citadel (IC)


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Vardok Stonekennel, Dwarven Rogue

Vardok struggles to keep Krek the Fifth from either running over to the moving piles of bones or running away from them, as the bulldog barks and growls at them, hopping up onto his hind legs when straining at the leash. Vardok tries to take a swing with his mace if any of the skeletons gets close, but he's too preoccupied to make even a half-swing of the mace. Vardok snarls and curses briefly in Dwarven.

[sblock=ooc]OOC: Well, InvisibleCastle is back to hating me again. Vardok readies an action to smack the first of the critters inside that room, besides his allies of course, that gets within reach. Natural 1 attack roll. Hopefully no undead gets close enough before Vardok's next turn so I can just do something different or try another attack.

As it stands, I think Lenya is in the way of any of us attacking the skeletons, though I suppose there's one empty 5-foot space inside that secret room, based on the description earlier. So maybe someone can step into there and attack, but I dunno.
1d20+3=4, 1d8+3=10 [/sblock]

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Kael - AC: 17 - HP: 10/10

Drawing his bow, Kael shouts out above all others, "Should we leave this room and close the door?" He lets fly an arrow, knowing full well how futile it might be shooting through a bunch of bones.

Attack on the nearest Skeleton engaging Lenya (or another if that one has cover). Attack of 13 for 9 damage.


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Lenya hooks her guisarme around the feeble looking legs of one of the skeletons.

Skeleton Strength check to resist trip. (1d20+1=21) The skeleton lands on the ground and loses multiple ribs with Lenya's follow-up attack, though it is still moving.

Vardok struggles to restrain his dog and ends up with an ineffectual attack as a result.

Delber swings his club, connecting solidly against the skull of one of the standing skeletons.

Darik's sword swing connects with the same skeleton but has little effective as their is no flesh for his sword to slice through.

The two standing skeletons attempt to advance but run into the whirling guisarme of Lenya. One of them lands on the ground, the victim of another trip (OOC: Skeleton can't beat a 24 Strength check) and it loses a portion of its skull to the guisarme's blade. The second standing skeleton ducks past the guisarme, using Delber and Darik as cover. The already prone skeleton is obliterated as Lenya's guisarme strikes it down when it attempts to stand.

The still standing skeleton swipes its jagged finger bones at Delber like an animal attacking with its claws.

Skeleton 2 claw attack and damage (1d20+1=16, 1d4+1=5) The horrid claw digs into Delber's unprotected mid-section. OOC: Delber is at 0 hp at the moment.

Merenita tears away a rib bone from the one that attacked Delber with her mandibles.

Kael's arrow misses, lodging in the wall behind the skeletons.

Kelset guards the entrance (OOC: Max, are you still with us? Kelset will be holding action until the end of this combat unless you return.)

Round 2

The combat has spilled out into the entry tower with one skeleton destroyed and another prone. Delber is critically injured, however.

OOC: Everyone post round 2 actions, please.

[sblock=DM Screen]Skeleton 1 - Destroyed
Skeleton 2 - 4 damage
Skeleton 3 - 4 damage[/sblock]


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Seeing Delber seriously injured, Lenya drops her polearm, which is more of a hindrance in these close quarters now, and reaches for her flail, which also seems more suitable to crack bones with, anyways.

She swings the weapon on the skeleton standing near the wizard, knocking it to the ground as well, while she positions herself to be able to hit the other prone skeleton also (if possible). As the undead falls, her circling flail already flies towards it again.

OOC: Trip Attack against the standing skeleton with her Flail (Touch Attack 12; Strength Check 25, the dice are definitely with me with those Strength Checks!); Follow-Up Attack (AC 9, DMG 10, even prone, that is probably a miss).

Two potential AoOs for standing up (1st for this skeleton, 2nd for the one knocked down last round with the AoO, if that is close enough). Rolled a bit much there... it's just the Follow-Up Attacks (3rd number is the attack roll and 4th number the damage roll), of course... no Trips against prone opponents. Both misses, though (AC 7 and AC 9 respectively). ;)

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
The wizard is enjoying his martial prowess when the skeleton's fingers make contact with his abdominable inards.

He gives a sharp intake of air and falls with a sickening wet thud, his club clatters to the ground noisily.

Full round action:
*bleed, bleed, bleed*

edited for a better idea! (thank you Thanee!)
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OOC: You still got a move action, when you are disabled (i.e. at 0 hps exactly), BTW. You only start bleeding at negatives.

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
of couse I do. I knew that. I was just testing evey one!Er, ummm uh...

Delber moves his hurtin' Arse away from the battle, hopefully not incurring an AOO.

move action: move hurtin' arse to back of party and keep watch there.

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