Paths of Legend: The Sunless Citadel (IC)

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Vardok nods in satisfaction as he finishes removing the needle trap and triggering the hidden door mechanism. Then frowns and mutters "That's all?" as he sees the room beyond. The dwarf grunts once in annoyance and starts to step away, annoyed that he had bothered only to find a dusty old room with no treasure. Then the dwarf is passed by Lenya, who prods the skeletons into sudden unlife.....!! Vardok mutters a little "Gah!" and tries to get his mace and sword ready for the undead menace.

Initiative 16


Darik watches as the door is opened and looks into the empty room. Somewhat dissatisfied with the results, Darik sighs and is about to turn away when Lenya pokes one of the skeletons and it begins to move! Darik the turns back to face the undead and readies his sword. He advances on the abominations and calls out. "Away with you foul creatures! Your unnatural existence is coming to an end!"

init: 1d20=12


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This time Lenya does not just poke the skeleton, that began to move, but rather swings her guisarme at it with full power, hoping to knock the undead creature over. Then she readies herself to await the attack of the remaining skeletons.

OOC: Trip attack (touch attack +4) on the skeleton that Lenya disturbed, if successful, follow-up attack against the prone skeleton (attack +4 vs. AC -4 (prone), damage 2d4+4).

Any AoO against skeletons rushing near her (due to reach) will be trip attacks as well (including potential follow-up attacks); if the skeleton she attacked on her turn has been knocked prone and stands up again, AoO against it will be a regular attack.


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Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
Delber grabs his club off his belt and will smack any that comes with reach of him.

"time to start crackin' skulls!" he says smiling at his own joke.

1d20+2=14, 1d6+1=2

[note] the actual damage was 3 points as i miss-typed the damage as +1 instead of +2

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