Paths of Legend: The Sunless Citadel (IC)

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
Kelset and Merenita's examination of the goblins reveals nothing of use. Apparently they were searched after they were slain. They appear to have been dead about a month.
"well, it appears those we seak have been by here..."

Merenita's persistent poking of the one on the wall causes the spear holding it up to come lose. The goblin falls to the floor with a thud.

Carved into the wall behind where the goblin was skewered is a set of elaborate and deep set runes in the Draconic language, forming a single word.

[sblock=Draconic language readers only]"Ashardalon"

OOC: Knowledge (History) check to see if you know what "Ashardalon" is.[/sblock]

"What that writeing? *ASHARDALON* hmmmmm..."

"I wonder what thaat means? Ashardalon...."
OOC: man Ivisible castle has turned ugly on me as of late!

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Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
yesturday at 6:53 pm I posted this in the wrong ic game thread:
OOC: the dwarf has indicataed he is injured and delber has brought it to the attention of the party, asking for the healer.

thank you Ytterman for catching it! and sorry all.


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"D'any o' yew even care 'bout tha wounded dwarf?!" Vardok growls out in annoyance as the others ignore him and talk about the door. 'Damn twig-peyple're seeeew seylfish,' the dwarf thinks grumpily, rubbing his bruised knees and gritting his teeth.

Kelset leaves off his study of the dead goblins and approaches Vardok. "Sorry, Vardok. Got distracted." He looks over the wound, places his hand upon it and prays. "Kord, heal this brave and noisy dwarf of his wounds....."

cure light (1d8+1=6)


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Vardok Stonekennel

Vardok sighs as his nearly-broken legs mend, then he heads over to the secret door Kael pointed out. "About time," the dwarf grouses, "Mah legs were killin' me. Now leh's see wha' we got." He examines the area Kael pointed out before getting out any tools to try dealing with any secret opening mechanism or hidden traps.

Once he's dealt with any possible traps, Vardok applies his tools to finding a way to open the door, poking and prodding at crevices and different stones, tapping on stones to listen for different sounds, pushing and trying to tug on various stones, attempting to slide them in different directions, and so on.

[sblock=OOC]Now back to full HP; Vardok wasn't going to do anything at 3 out of 9 hp, feeling so close to collapsing from his fall-injury. Search check of 22 to find the secret door/mechanism, and 26 to find any traps. If Vardok finds what might be a trap, Disable Device check of 25 to disarm it before trying anything to open the secret door. InvisibleCastle likes me all of a sudden, surprisingly. :confused:

The Search checks factor in Vardok's Stonecunning bonus for examining stonework. If the first Search check fails, Vardok will take 20 on a retry, doing a more thorough examination, but with how well he checked for traps, he'll just trust that there aren't any trap mechanisms there if his first check for them didn't turn up anything.

1d20+6=25 [/sblock]


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Merenita observed the healing as closely as she was allowed. Though her eyes were omnidirectional, it was very apparent that her concentration was on the wounds and subsequent healing. Her cephalothorax was flat on the ground, giving her posture a look similar to that of a child crouching and looking at a bug on the ground from inches away. When it was over, she stood back up. She then waited for the dwarf to get up and watched him go to the secret door, apparently uninjured. Merenita stayed quiet, deep in thought over what she'd seen.

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
Merenita approaches Delber, expecting the smart-seeming creature may reveal something important. "Delber, why does the dwarf complain? Is his body not able to heal?"

"Merenita, now do you understand? that is the healing we are talking about. His body is able to heal on his own, just very slowly, and some others even slowlier." delber converses with the fey spider in a tone of an older brother speaking with a younger sibling.


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Merenita rotates to face Delber. The sides of her abdomen and splotchy patches on the first joint of each leg seem to flicker a very soft blue glow. "That is an incredible thing." she states. "I would know more. How does it work? What can cause such a... change in the natural order of things? Please! Tell me more!" she asks excitedly.


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ooc: I'd imagine knowledge arcana or spellcraft. This convo I intended more for RP purposes anyways. Merenita has never seen magic like this. I think someone popped off a magic missile, but I think she was preoccupied with battle or somesuch.

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
OOC: I think spell craft or maybe K: religeon to see ~-if-~ he even knows what he is talking about, then i will give a flowery lecture on the aspects of divine magic.

ok, i just checked and he has 1 rank in religeon and I will say that he can explain it!

Delber rubs his chin and thinks for a moment. then an eyebrow arches and his eyes light up.

"well, you see. When I conjur forces of magic I take the words, gestures and my will and call forth to places far and alien to bring to my hand the material I need at the moment. when a priest calls forth for healing magic, it is like a channel to the very gods is opened and a measure of divine prescense is trickled through and the body of the injured living being knits together or what ever other effect the priest is wanting to do.Does that make sense?"

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