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PbtA Games: Sell One Well +

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If they exist, what are good PbtA games for the following genres:

Zombie Apocalypse
Gonzo Post Apocalypse

There's Legacy: Life Among The Ruins, which might be good for either of these. It's a post apocalyptic game bout rebuilding society, and is set across generations. The particulars of the apocalypse are up to you. There are sourcebooks for multiple kind of apocalypse, but you can also devise your own with the core rules.

Baroque Space Opera

Uncharted Worlds is a setting neutral space opera version of PbtA.

Abercrombie grimdark fantasy

Some have been mentioned already: Dungeon World, Stonetop, Saga of the Icelanders, and Ironsworn.

Some may take a little tweaking, but you could probably manage to pull off an Abercrombie-esque feel with those.

Whatever genre it is Neil Gaiman writes

...City of Mists? Someone who's actually read the whole book, or played it, tell me how wrong I am.

I think it would work pretty well for a lot of his stuff, sure. I've not played it, but I've read it, and the characters are essentially manifestations of archetypes that struggle with their human side versus their mythical side. Certainly plenty of Gaiman's work touches on that kind of stuff... particularly American Gods.

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
I'm certain that Gaiman has had RPG fans and publishers coming to him for years, but it's remarkable that there's no official game that could handle American Gods, Neverwhere or the Graveyard Book.

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