Peaks and Valleys vs Consistent TV Shows

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Credit to whomever posted TOO MANY COOKS. That's a real gem from a couple of years ago. Proof that Adult Swim didn't completely suck post 2010. They could still do real comedy and subversive programming if you were willing to wait until after midnight.

The show with the highest "peak" predictability was The Walking Dead. That show had NOTHING happen if it wasn't the first episode of the season, the last before the halfway season break, the first episode after the halfway season break, or the season finale'. Those were the only four episodes you needed to see in any given season, especially after season 2.


Consistently dull, with poor characterisation and acting, inconsistent plot direction, and being generally an inferior Babylon 5 clone.
Sorry, but I have to take issue with this. To start, I personally consider Babylon 5 to be one of the greatest sci-fi shows ever, up there with the Battlestar Galactica reboot and The Expanse, but to say that the acting in B5 was consistently better than DS9 is just silly. Yes, there was some great acting on B5 but Claudia Christian, Tracy Scoggins and Michael O’Hare were not nearly as good as the worst DS9 had to offer.

As to what I prefer, I can't say I have a preference. Sure, I would love all of my shows to be great from beginning to end but they don't have to be. Take TNG and DS9, DS9 was more consistently good and generally had less of the really bad stuff that came out of TNG but TNG (I think) had more peaks. I am perfectly happy to rewatch both. Modern streaming shows don't really have the luxury of peaks and valleys because they are so short, or at least their seasons are, that they have to be consistently good.
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I still haven't watched Lost. Every time I am about to start ... I just look at all those episodes ... and I can't
So don't binge it. I usually have two or three longer shows in various queues where I only watch an episode every week or three. Sure, with some shows it takes a long time to get through them but still less than it would have taken me if I watched it when it was originally aired.

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