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Infernal Scribe

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Well of Worlds
Roles: Open to everyone. If you wish to play a role of an NPC, go ahead and email me.

Description: Clueless? The majesty and the dark got you down, cutter? Don't know how to lead a green prime to water? Then worry no more! The Well of World is the answer to every basher's pleas for a crash course in everything that is Planescape. A collection of small stories which are all connected to a even larger story. All of these stories are from established Advanced Dungeon and Dragon modules, adapted to freeform storytelling, all of them dealing with Sigil, the Great Bazaar and beyond. For those who know the dark of things, this is before the war. The Factions are still in Sigil. Experience Modron March. Dead Gods. Eternal Boundary. Harbinger House. Something Wild. Festival of Doors. Faction War. And more.

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Infernal Scribe

First Post
Factions at a Glance


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