D&D General [+] Players, what do you like about railroads?


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"Switching off" is literally the opposite of what I'm looking for in playing RPGs, so it also makes sense that this mode simply does not compute for me.

It is perhaps important to note that it isn't just overall "switching off". It is going with the GMs flow on some things, yes. But that may mean you switch on to other things. Anything about play that isn't plot can get more focus time in a railroad scenario.

Kind of like on a road trip - if someone else is driving the car, you can pay attention to playing DJ.

If you are no longer worried so much about where the plot is going, for example, you can turn your attention to your tactical game, or characterization. Maybe you get to focus your thoughts on snappy wordplay, solving puzzles, or even the funny voice you want to use.

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I've played in table top games, where I have wanted only a sliver or segment of the total experience.

I've played video games where I couldn't care less about anything but performance against the raid boss, once a week, for years.

I see this thread in the same way. It's not particularly true that I'm switching off, but that I care more about a certain aspect.

Likely this is why I've never lost sleep over my Barbarian being weak in the social pillar, I couldn't care less. :D


Dining cars are nice. And no TSA nonsense (although that will change the first time something bad happens as an arguable result of that).
And booze is cheap plus local food at stops (pirozhki and chebureki are delicous, some vodka, some pickles and nice company). If we are talking about trans siberian. We took it almost decade ago, from Moscow to Vladivostok, and i rode on it solo pre pandemic, from Vladivostok to Novosibirsk. In mid winter. Point is, even most boring railroading game can be fun if you play with good friends, have some food and some booze. :D

Part of it is I don't know how to find a good sandbox campaign.

Is someone here offering to run a sandbox campaign to show disbelievers how good it actually is??


Two questions for the players. Do you like railroaded games? If so, what do you like about railroad games?

2. I feel no need for my Player Character to be a Chosen One whose every choice effects the larger arc of the story. I want my character to be a part of the story, not the story.

Railroads also have much deeper story plots as things and events will happen, where other styles everything can be ruined by player whims. In a Railroad, I'm jst the player of a single PC, and not a co-DM. I don't feel the need to approve anything that happens to my PC.

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