D&D 5E Playing a gnoll through custom lineage (foxfolk too)

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Tasha’s introduces the idea of a custom lineage, and bare as it is, it lets us build something pretty close to a PC-playable version of a gnoll.

Type: humanoid
Size: M
Speed: 30
Adjustments: +2 Str
Darkvision 60’
Languages: Gnoll, Common
Feat: pick one of the following:
  • Skill expert (+1 Str/Con; +1 skill [perception survival, or intimidation], + expertise [perception survival, or intimidation])
  • Fighting initiate (unarmed combat) [~ 1d6+STR bite, but bludgeoning -> bone cracking]
  • Alert
  • Crusher (incl. +1 Str/Con)

The choice of feat allows some flexibility -- pick the one that feels most gnoll-lke to you. Skill expert and Crusher are enough to allow a starting strength of 18 if desired. The skills listed with skill expert are all appropriate for a hyena. The unarmed combat fighting style is a way to represent the gnoll’s bite attack, giving a 1d6+STR bite that does bludgeoning, which is actually more appropriate anyways given the hyena tendency for bone cracking with their bite. Alert is one way to represent the enhanced senses. Crusher gives an ability that corresponds to the gnoll’s traditional association with the flail, but also means the default bite does 1+STR damage but can move an opponent 5’.

Don’t want to play a gnoll? Here, try the Foxfolk.

Type: humanoid
Size: S (grey) or M (red)
Speed: 30
Adjustments: +2 Int/Wis/Cha
Darkvision 60’
Languages: Common, Sylvan
Feat: Feytouched
  • +1 Int/Wis/Cha
  • Misty step 1/long
  • Bless (grey) or Hex (red) 1/long

The Feytouched feat allows a total of +3 on any mental stat if desired (and yes, it could be applied to other ability scores too or split +1/+2). I’ve made two sublineages: the small grey foxfolk that can cast bless 1/long rest, and the medium-sized red foxfolk that can cast hex 1/long rest (it’s an invasive species).


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My suggestion of carrion-eater humanoids (gnolls, goblins and other) is an adventage for save check against poisons by digestive route and contagious diseases (or at least as an optional racial feat).

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
I agree that would also work. Even the gnoll in the MM's Rampage ability is less than a feat in value. My goal was to get a gnoll feel with what we've been given though -- RAW, as they say.

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