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D&D 5E [PLAYTEST] Help us playtest (or read-test) subclasses for our Czech DnD mutation!


First Post
Hi everyone!

What it is about

Long story short: our small (minor-language) community finally got a chance to get our own printed version of DnD - dream we were dreaming for almost 30 years now. But - official DnD 5e Licence doesn't cover everything in the basic triad (PHB, DMG, MM), so we can't "just" translate it - there is a lot we need to create on our own as well - and betatest it. And since our community is not that large, we need your help to get the feedback!

Feedback and questions

We value all feedback, including feedback based on only reading the materials - although if you actually try to play it, it will be even more awesome! (Links to feedback forms are in PDFs). We (I) will try to follow the discussion here to answer all possible questions you might have, but please provide the feedback primarily through feedback forms.

In exchange for your help, we will later provide all tested and corrected materials back in English again (for free), including few alternative (simplified movement) or additional rules (downtime, skill based lite social conflict guidelines) we are preparing. We know it's not that much, but it's what we can give :)

Help us share this test

No matter if you can take part in testing, please share this material as much as you can. Especially between other players, but if you could help us to reach Wizards themselves, draw their attention and get their help with spreading it, that would be absolutely awesome! (@mikemearls or @JeremyECrawford on Twitter are probably those we want to get to notice...)

Who we are

Small (in English-world terms basically "indie") publisher offered our DnD community to publish DnD based game, if the community delivers the content. It's probably not gonna be much of a profit, but hey, he is willing to go for it :) We are group of people from the community who took up on this challenge. None of us is a professional game designer, but we do have some background and we are trying to do the best we can (with given time and resources...).

Our official post with other links here

Testing materials


  • Barbarian
    • Tribe Warrior - Barbarian warleader, Tribe leader, Barbarian tribe hero
    • Destroyer - Conan, Questing barbarian, Barbarian familiar with civilization, Barbarian wanderer, Barbarian solitaire hero
    • Grinder - Big barbarian (or Bud Spencer), Strong literally crashing barbarian
  • Bard
    • College of Drama - Bard traveling the world to witness the most heroic drama for epos inspiration
    • College of Romance - Romantic bards, high-society bards, irresistibly charming bards
    • College of Common Folk - traveling bards, bards playing in taverns and villages, crowd’s favorite bards
  • Fighter
    • Veteran - Soldier, city guardian, street mobster
    • Shooter - Archer or crossbowman, William Tell, Robin Hood, long range fighter
    • Chieftan - Liuthened, combat line officer, tactician, battle commander
    • Wanderer - Aragorn, Middle-earth rangers, environment blending scouts and wariors
    • Guardian - pretorian, guarding knight, bodyguard, defender
  • Sorcerer
    • Elementar - you gain power from forces which shape physical world.
    • Fantasy - daydreaming, living fantasy, vivid imagination, wishing things to be, wonderous child
    • Scion of Planes - Amber princes, meta-magic sorcery
  • Warlock
    • Storm Giant - warlocks who gained their power from Storm giants as their emissaries, agents, spies and seekers of signs in the world
    • Ancient Dragon - Dragon’s servants and cultists, draconic onvois and interpreters of world of lesser creatures
    • Lost Master - Your patron used to be mortal. Then, something happened.
  • Druid
    • Circle of Herbs - Panoramix, druids transferring their magic into potions, druids coexisting with civilization.
    • Circle of Calamity - Everyone loves nature’s caring face. Druids of the circle of Calamity study the less friendly one.
    • Circle of City - city as jungle, druids linked to ecosystem of civilization, from its rat and dirt filled undergrounds to its shiny palaces.
    • Circle of Stars - mystical druids, druids linked with prophecies and destiny of the world
  • Cleric
    • Preacher - mass preacher (Pope Francis), public speaker (Steve Jobs), influencer, loud church critic (Martin Luther), doomsday prophet, righteous moralist, vocal social critic (Martin Luther Jr, Christopher Hitchens)
    • Missionary - Missionairies, Truth spreaders, st. Patric
    • Inquisitor - Inquisitor
  • Wizard
    • School of Scrolls - academic wizard, university librarian, magical pundit, theorist and magical nerd
    • Field Scholar - adventuring wizard, magic university archeologist, practical scholar, no-nonsense magician, country wizard, Mustrum Ridcully (earlier books), 18-19th century british adventuring lord
    • Mentalist - sword&sorcery mages (mainly), mind masters, dominators,
  • Rogue
    • Juggler - juggler, acrobat, joker, member of group of traveling entertainers and/or actors, public performer
    • Tomb Rider - Lara Croft, Indiana Jones, Daniel Jackson, Willy the Fog, Rick O’Connell (the one from Mummy, no need to google it)
    • Grey Eminence - Cardinal Richelieu, Godfather, Moriarty
    • Simonist - False priests, relic merchants
  • Alchemist- traditional western "material" alchemist, magical scientist and engineer
    • Wondermaker - ingenious technician, Leonardo da Vinci, marvelous craftsman, Tony Stark
    • Pyrofor - pyrotechnic, master of fireworks and explosives, war alchemist
    • Theurg - alchemist tapping into magic and realms in behind material reality, summoner

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