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D&D 5E (Poll) I play 5e, and there are X players at the table.

I play 5e, and there are X players at the table.

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This should be multiple choice, I play in two groups and run about three.

Also- do you count remote players as "at the table"?

Assuming the answer is yes, my groups' sizes are: 8, 4, 10, 9, 5.
You also have the issue where one person can do 3,4,5 for their 3 tables....but the person with 3 4 person tables still only gets one entry, so that's just another version of the skew.

So I went with just one entry


Since someone asked about remote, let me clarify. Remote Players should count for the number (at the table was just an expression, hehe should have known better).


Moderator Emeritus
I currently have an in-person group of 4 + me (DM) and a remote group of 3 + me (DM).

I really like 5 good players best, but 4 works just as well. Six is too many and three is fine, but always feels like it needs one or two more opinions in the mix to have the right texture of gameplay.


He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
I answered six. The usual number is 4-5+DM but on the occasion that the entire group is present it is 6+DM.


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
One table is four players + DM.

One table is five people (which will be 4 players), several who rotate as DM for a campaign at a time though may alternate weeks for different campaigns, and the DM usually adds in one, two, or rarly three people. For example the CoS campaign we just finished had 7 players + DM near the end, but 5 or 6 is more common.

One table is five players + DM.

I picked 5 in the poll, it seemed a reasonable approximation for both (integer) median and mean looking at the last 18 months of play.


Mod Squad
Staff member
I've seen some polls on this in the past, but most of them were more general, and I could use a 5e datapoint.

So the poll question: Assuming you play 5e (and please don't respond if you don't), how many players are at your table.

I have played in three different 5e games in the past few months. One table has seven players, one has five players, and one has three players.

Ogre Mage

I am in two 5E campaigns. Both are completely online on Roll20. The first group has four players. The second group has five players. I am not sure how to vote.


We have 5 now, down from a high of 7. I miss those players I am glad to be down to 5. As is with 5 it's hard to get much individual character stuff in.


D&D Playtester for WoTC since 2012
I DM 5e, and there are 4 players at my table.

Nowadays i prefer smaller tables to ones with 5-6+ players as the more PC there is, the more it generally drags, taking more time to resolve just any encounters wether combat, social or exploration.

I even think of making my next one a 3 player campaign for a more swift D&D experience.


I have 9 players in my campaign. However, it is rare that we have more than six at the table - so that is what I chose. I have players that drive from a long distance away and just cannot come every week.


One game has 4 Players.
The other game I play in is 5 Players.

Since it isn't multiple choice I am not going to answer because they are both equally valid answers. 2 groups with 2 different numbers.

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