D&D (2024) Poll: Will WOTC change the way cantrips scale for multiclass characters?

Will the new rules change the way cantrips scale?


What prompted this is tonight's game. I am playing a Drow Eldricth Knight 8/Undead Warlock 2/Paladin 2. She is mostly a melee controller using blade cantrips, Form of Dread and War Magic with a Divine Smite or Wrathful Smite thrown in there occasionally. Shen got EB and Hex at level 2 (F1/W1) and Agonizing Blast since level 7 (F5/W2). She used EB occasionally before, but tonight is the first time in the whole campaign I actually cast Hex. We needed some high damage so I went Hex and then action surge and unleashed 6 EB/AB beams with Hex (she also has a 20 Charisma). The DM said "you get 3 Eldritch blasts .... yep it is 3 at 11th level". The DM said "that will be changing soon", meaning with the new PHB.

What do you think. Will WOTC change the way cantrips scale?

On one hand I can see the propensity for abuse, on the other hand this is one of the great things about 5E compared to earlier versions where your cantrips (and to a lessor extent spells) were near useless if you just dipped a caster. Undoing this would just be "not fun" IMO.
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Im significantly tempted to vote for scaling by class level, but I think that the game would be much better served by shifting cantrips to scale by being bound to replaceable weapons known for many many years asas wands staves rods phylacteries and so on. Any excess power can be shifted to leveled spellcasting or at will abilities as appropriate to each spellcasting class.

the third option looked interesting, at first glance, but that goes back to the same as we have now in nearly every case of a cantrip caster other than artificers and rather odd or niche multiclass builds who probably are not particularly reliant on cantrips

Pretty sure that Eldritch Blast will scale with warlock level, but all other cantrips will scale with character level.
I think the only way this happens is if EB becomes a class feature rather than a cantrip. If it's a class feature, it'll scale with class.

Also, just move AB to like L3 or L4, then it's such a big dip that you need to be kind of serious about it, but it doesn't have much in the way of balance implications, because it's still pretty early - hell - move it to L5, even. Without AB EB isn't particularly noteworthy.


Given that Magic Initiate is an entry level feat and elves still get cantrips, I seriously doubt they're going to change the way cantrips works. Kinda hard to scale with class level when you don't get it from a class.
You can get fighting styles as an entry level feat, I believe weapon or armor proficiencies are too. You can not get extra attack or some other fifth level clsss feature as any level feat. The need to upgrade or a wand/start/etc for extra cantrips dice or a different cantrip as a character advances is no different from doing the same with melee or ranged weapons. That's the reason why I'm chose other and explained it in post 5... As a thing that would very much be an improvement for the health of the game.

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