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Post-Apocalyptic Art Thread

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Mutant Lord

And more freaky mutant beasts

Hi again. Thought I'd add some more nasty freaks from the Mutant Bestiary One book http://www.outlandarts.com/mutantbestiary1.htm
These all started as pencil drawings, scanned at 300dpi and then painted in Photoshop using the dodge, burn and smudge tools. Fun, but tough on the hand after working like this for eight hours.

Here we see regular goats ( although random mutations can be applied to these grazers).

And here is the Lucifer Goat. Guess what it eats....

ANd then the Hex Frill Opossum...

And finally we expose you to the dreaded Hell Crawler... perhaps one of he most dangerous and disturbing things you can meet in the Mutant Epoch era:


Mutant Lord

Creature of the Apocalypse Gel-Bak mutant freak art

Its been awhile.
I've been full time writing in 2017 so haven't had much art to show... but been sketching a ton. I did release a new creature of the apocalypse for The Mutant epoch rpg last night. I announced it elsewhere here on the forum but now just gonna share the art. Enjoy- WM
PS. the color art was done on a 8x11" board using acrylics, as I have a mad urge to get back to traditional mediums after years of digital art. I love having the originals and getting way from the friggin' computer and other screens!

Please comment or post your own freaks here....

grab this critter at rpgnow.com http://www.rpgnow.com/product/229829/GelBak-Creatures-of-the-Apocalypse-21

Two graphite images included with this free or pay what you want freak....


Mutant Lord

Back to add more mutant freaks to this ongoing gallery. Its surely been awhile since I presented some of the beasts from the Mutant Bestiary One book;
Starting today's show of, we give you the Impalerzee:

And the larva stage of these murderous muties....

Now some bugs like these Carnivorous Grasshoppers,

the giant Swamp Mantis, and the even larger Woodland Mantis:

All these nasty freaks are among the 173 creatures in the Mutant Epoch's Mutant Bestiary One book found here http://www.outlandarts.com/mutantbestiary1.htm

Mutant Lord

Yikes, more mutant bugs!

And more mutated bugs on this icy January day...

Killer Bees

Giant Diving Beetle

Scissor Caterpillars

Epochian Firefly

And a good old biblical style Locust Swarm!

As with the other grayscale digitally painted art from the last post, these bugs are included in the Mutant Bestiary One book for the Mutant epoch RPG. Any GM using another system could probably stat them out for Gamma World, Mutant Year Zero or Mutant Future if they wanted to add some new critters to their next game. Learn more here.


Mutant Lord

Cover art for Baby Bupu for The Mutant Epoch RPG

And here is the hand painted cover art to our latest One Day Dig: Baby Bupu
8.5 x 11 on illustration board... quite a departure from digitally painting but I'd like to try many more.

Grab this Pay What You Want, and all our intro Mutant Epoch RPG adventures here: http://www.outlandarts.com/TME-onedaydigs.htm

Mutant Lord

Art from One Day Dig & The Ascent written by Timothy Berriault and illustrated by William McAusland.

You've survived the crash. Now what?

What horrors face a team of lunar cadets who crash land amid the ruins of the old ones? Can they work together to ascend the mega tower and call for evac, or will they perish in the attempt?

In this unique one day dig, written by Timothy Berriault and illustrated by William McAusland.

Players take on the roles of trainees who are forced to cope in the toxic, mutant infested and treacherous world of The Mutant Epoch. Will their training and advanced technology be enough to see them safely home, or will the perils, opportunistic predators and wily inhabitants of the old city bring about their doom?

This is our 7th One Day Dig and is a Pay What You Want adventure suitable for both new and experienced players. It includes 3 maps, 13 illustrations, and is 15 pages in length.

Here's the cover art...

...and where you can check it out as a Pay What You Want product at rpgnow: http://www.rpgnow.com/product/188283/One-Day-Digs-7-The-Ascent
or see all our Pay What You Want goodies at our site on one handy page: http://www.outlandarts.com/TME-onedaydigs.htm

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