post pics of your pets!


I've noticed that there seems to be many EN Worlders with pets. I thought it would be cool to post some pics of your animals and introduce them to everyone!

This is Max. Max is a Devon Rex. My mom is allergic but when I was living at home, we begged her to get a cat. We did some research and found that the Devon Rex is more hypo-allergenic than most other breeds. Max is now 12 and my mom has had almost no allergic reactions. Max lives with my parents now but I visit a lot.


This is my cousin's Persian Jasper. He lives in Manhattan. As you can see from the pic, Jasper has a tough life.

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This is Jack. Jack is a stray I found under my house when I moved here in March 2004. He's orange with orange eyes so he eventually became Jack (as in O'Lantern). Sorry for the grainy photo, but that's the best my webcam will allow.
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This is Tookaly-Na-Nay Junior, but I usually prefer to call her Tookie (she prefers that too by the way). She especially like when you give her a sugar to eat...


This is Logan. Logan is a 5 year old Springer Spaniel that we adopted from the animal shelter in October. He's a great dog, and getting even better in the obedience classes that we go to every Sunday. His favorite snack is peanut butter. He'll also play tug-o-war for hours.


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Turanil, you crack me up. Do you live 20,000 leagues under the sea? :)

I used to have a pic of my dog, before my last hard drive crashed. :( I still might on a camera cartridge, but somewhere the cable for the camera is in storage! Aaargh, frustrating...

Anyway, I have a Shih-tzu named Shelby that weighs all of about 8 pounds, and a cat named Princess (I didn't name her) that weighs about 17 pounds!


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die_kluge said:
Turanil, you crack me up. Do you live 20,000 leagues under the sea? :)
Huuuh... to tell the truth, it's more something like 20,000 leagues under the tolerable level of intelligence. :heh:


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As much as I would like, I don't have a dog yet so here are my and Shalewind's pets.

We have 4 goldfish named Bert (Ernie died), Elmo, Scooter, and Skeeter. The close-up is Elmo. I'll spare you photos of our hermit crab Bugbear.



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My cat.


This is an old image. Since I have no digital camera, and my scanner is down, I edited this from a larger image. Britches is about twelve years old and still acts like a kitten.

The_Universe and I have an adorable cat named Old Kentucky Shark (aka, Shark, Shark-master, The Sharkness, Sharkamus Brutus, Dice Bane, and Scourge of the d20).


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