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Acquana said:
His name is Remy LeBoots, and he's the least gracefull cat I've ever seen. He'll wobble on the backs of chairs, or miss jumping on the bed. The best one though, is you know when cats rub their heads against things? Well, Remy was trying to do that against the corner of the wall, but instead just bonked into it. Then let out this tiny meow kinda like "please tell me you didn't see that..."

Our older cat (Ickle) is like that...the grace of a brick, and the agility of a noodle. :)



Bailey's a two-year-old mutt from a rescue league. When we got her she was only about 5 weeks old.

Here she is as a tiny puppy and, later, looking like a salty seadog on the boat. Believe it or not, these pictures were only taken about five months apart. I swear you could hear her growing those months!


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MrFilthyIke said:
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Just re-read this...our older cat's original name was Fish Breath Farty Butt for similar reasons. :D

Yeah poor Stinky went far above and beyond the the typical kitten's incontinence problems.

He is now having a very hard time adjusting to being the middle child, he really does not like the new kitten although he is finally growing more tolerant.

Speaking of Lexi (the kitten) and fish breath...she has absolutely the worst breath of any cat I have ever met...and the fresh breath cat treats aren't helping!

...and on the issue of catlike reflexes, all of our cats are relatively adroit, it's just that poor Phebes grunts like an old man whenever he jumps down from something. lol


Tomorrow, I'll have to post pictures of my Dogs Max, Mini, Molly, Andy, Tribble, Rosco, Angel, Francis, Benji, and my cat Oliver.

That's assuming the camera doesn't run out of film. :)


ENnies winner and NOT Scrappy Doo
The picture below is Ginger. He was the younger gelfling's cat, and was put down last Wednesday after his second bout with a debilitating brain infection.


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ENnies winner and NOT Scrappy Doo
And the dogs:

The white one is Hagrid, he's a Great Pyr, and these pics were taken in the summer, so we had just shaved him (he's got a VERY thick coat and loves to go for dips in the pond and ditches, which causes skin irritation if we don't trim hsi coat every summer).

The funny one is Bowie, an Australian Shepherd.


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The pics are just linked to, because they're freakishly huge (1771x1181 hi-res scans, I should resize them), but here are my pets.
Mimolette, doing a "sad kitty in snow" impersonation;
Mikado, doing the same (and then again);
And Mobilette, the last of the three sisters.
Mikado on a sunnier day, and again, Mobilette trying to hypnotize you (Submit! Obey!), Mobilette and one of her sister shooting laserbeams out of their eyes, Li'l Princess Mimolette...
Baby picture of Mikado and Mimolette, baby picture of the three sisters.

The mother of the three sisters. Sadly, she disappeared one day in the forest... One day during open season. Cursed be all those drunk hunters! And the presumed father. Slowly went feral and left us to prowl in the woods and the nearby town. Probably dead now. We should have neutered him after the three sisters were born, so he would have stayed safe at home.
Both parents together.
The mother with two of her kittens., and with all three. A weird basket for a kitten. Mobilette looking down at her dad.

(I do not have handy scanned photos of our other animals. There's also a bitch, an ass, and two chicks!)

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