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RAGE OF DEMONS Minis From WizKids

Coming soon from WiKids are the official licensed Rage of Demons miniatures. Here's a quick look at three of them - the invisible blink dog, the air mymridon, and the the drow scout. These come in the Icons of the Realms series.


Russ Morrissey


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Thanks for these pictures. Where were they taken?
Your welcome! I took these at San Diego Comic Con. Wizkids always previews their upcomming line of products at their booth, including the new prototypes for all their table-top minis, including Pathfinder. I dont follow PF, so I focused on taking pics of the D&D ones, which, gotta say, that beholder is freakin AMAZING!!



The new rust monster looks pretty awesome. Quite a bit bigger than the old one.

I'm curious to know why the drider doesn't have a base.

EDIT: Hopefully the inclusion of an invisible blink dog means there'll be a visible one in the set as well.
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Do you think it's going to have a peg underneath it?
Most likely, yeah.

I'm not sure what happened to pre-paint tech after Night Below, but that was pretty much the last decent set IMO. The the blades stopped having edges and instead looked like nerf swords, the paint got waxy/shiny and they scaled back on washes to bring out detail. Weirdly, the Pathfinder ones tend to look better than the D&D ones, despite both being made by wizkids.


It'd be neat if they released some extra pegs as a stand alone product that allowed you to change elevations or orientation of a figure - for example, a peg that goes up and then hooks over so that the drider could be climbing sideways on a wall.


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I like the spectator mini. I expect the quality won't be great though - none of the icons of the realms range have been very well painted although the sculpts are quite good.

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