Ranking Superhero Movies: EN World's Top Ten!

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
I'm going to rename the thread "Display your astounding ability to name movies not in an existing list!" :D

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I don't see Pixar's The Incredibles on the list. Do I need new glasses?

I was assuming from the complete lack of animated movies that this was a poll about live action movies. As much as I like cartoons, I think that's fine. If you try to start adding anime movies to the list it will get ridiculously long.


A Wicked Kendragon
Animated superhero stuff should go on a separate poll. There's more than enough for that. Way more. Just the Batman movies alone could make one poll.

Gaming Tonic

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Spoiler: Green Lantern is not, I repeat not winning.
Something tells me that if you removed the bat, DC Comics would have slim to none in the top ten. Maybe Watchmen. Now have your next poll about animated movies and DC will start knocking around the competition.


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Even if I were Superman, I would not dare to attempt to "remove the Bat".

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