Ravnica: Is This The New D&D Setting? [UPDATED & CONFIRMED!]


This could be cool, glad they're going to try something a bit different. The backlash and people whinging about them not updating other settings first will be worth a laugh too. I look forward to seeing how this all plays out.

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Star Wars' Coruscant has been around for awhile.

And at least in sci fi waste disposal, food and water distribution, etc can be hand waved away by science. A fantasy city that size is one in which magic is EVERYWHERE.

Yeah I’m not implying it’s a NEW idea. Just more interesting to me than many existing settings in regards to stuff I can steal from.



Neither did Eberron, until it did.

And what, exactly is D&D anyway?

Is it hard medieval fantasy? Is it gothic horror? It is high-magic shenanigans? Is it sy-fantasy? D&D has covered all of these things long before Ravnica, even the MTG set, was ever released.


Interesting... I guess it's true. Nobody wants anything new, they just want the same things rehashed over and over.

Simple truth is: This is the first new setting for D&D for years, and the overall response is... <looks over the posts> Horror and denial... I'm not surprised, but it does make me a bit sad. It's not like all the other settings don't have decades of RPG books and expansions out there on ebay just waiting for you to grab them all. It's not even that much effort to shift them to 5th edition. Or even pathfinder. Or any other game system.

I mean, is ONE new setting book that horrible a thing?

It's not that we don't want something new, it's that we don't want MtG in our D&D.

And technically it's not a new setting, since it already exists in MtG, it's just "new" to D&D.

How about something actually new and original?

Magic: the Gathering has got a background and lore too rich but the planerwarlkers have got a special game mechanic can't be adapted to d20 system, or can they? The guilds of Ravnica are too linked to the colors of mana to use a standard d20 magic.

I remember when I published in April's 1st about a crossover among Kaladesh and Transformers. X-DD

If the worlds of M:tG become canon in D&D, then will we see a mash-up, a fusion or amalgam among Ravenloft and Innistrad?


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Well *that's* a surprise! I figured if WotC was going to do a setting book they would do Dominaria which has a lot of history/lore and they recently returned to it with a nice card set (block). However Ravnica was, and still is, a favourite plane for this amateur MTG player, so this is a pleasant surprise for me. I too anticipate the Artificer will show up as a class as it fits the ongoing lore in MTG.

Truly an intersting development IMO. Now WotC needs to be careful to avoid fracturing the D&D fan base - a new setting for D&D is always a gamble, and plenty people still express interest in updates to older D&D IP.

Not everyone likes chocolate with their peanut butter, but I do, ;).
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This is great news. MtG has a ton of great lore, so I'm very excited about this product (and more excited if this means at some point we get Zendikar or Dominaria :D).


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I love this! Its super nice to see Wizards:

1. Not release another FR related product.
2. Visit a world that has never had a campaign book before.
3. Not be Dark Sun or Eberron or Greyhawk. There are plenty of recent books on these settings that are still usable.

I would have loved to see something completely new, but if they are going to use MTG at least they chose one of the best planes.
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