Recruiting for Ongoing 3.5 Wildwood game


“It all started with those damn birds. I didn’t think anything of it when I first saw them. After all, a few black birds are nothing to worry about. Then it turned into a flock. Then the birds began to swarm and there were thousands and thousands of them in a black cloud that blotted out the sky. They descended and surrounded me. And that’s when it all began.”

I am recruiting for two slots in my ongoing Oathbound Campaign Setting Wildwood game.

Knowledge of Oathbound and Wildwood are not necessary.

This is a heavily house ruled 3.5 game set in the Forge world of Oathbound’s Wildwood. I try to keep the focus on story and action instead of mechanics. It will be high powered with lots of options but start at 2nd level. Specific house rules, adjustments to core classes, and possible player source materials are listed below.

There are a lot of house rules but the most important player ones include tweaks to core classes, different point buy/LA/Gestalt options, a defense bonus based on reflex saves, no cross class skills, feats every level, reserve hit points.

Gestalt and reserve hp are described in UA and the variant rules section of

In general I am looking for players interested in the possibilities of the campaign. If the house rules are not to your liking then this is probably not a campaign for you as I am not interested in arguing about the merits of the game rules.

I try and post 1/weekday when I am not on vacation. I do not expect anybody to post on weekends.

Once the game starts I will be requiring at least one post a week day that I am in town from all PCs. Failure to post for a while without advance notice in the OOC thread will likely result in messy character death at the jaws of a predator.

Current party:
Pyrex: playing Weylan elan gestalt psychic warrior soulknife [active]
Voidrazor: playing NR4ZN Large warforged power armor adept [active]
Shayuri: playing Inamar human gestalt warlock sorcerer [active]
Chakken98: playing Thelso Dover Cleric [inactive]
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Wildwood is a continent realm of wilderness where no major trade and no major agriculture takes hold. Hunting and the threat of vicious predatory beasts dominates the life of the inhabitants. It is said the divine overlord of the land loves to hunt and to watch kills. He stocks the land with prey and predators from a thousand worlds and made the realm bountiful for both. He is also said to pull individuals or whole cities into the realm to see if they will adapt to a life without trade and farms to support them or fall and be consumed.

Major sentient races of the area include Dover (humanoid dog race), Elves, Goblinoids, Gnolls, Lycanthropes, and Green Dragons.

Ore is very rare in the continent, the majority of metal objects did not originate here and metal objects cannot be easily made or bought, although foreign aliens are often a great source of plunder and metal objects.

The campaign started in a benevolent Dover village that rescues new inhabitants when they find them. Characters are required to reserve and then spend either 1 skill point or one bonus language slot to learn the common Dover language if they are not of that race. Characters can be descended from most any world background due to the nature of Wildwood. I only require that players make characters that can work together when thrown in a dangerous environment.


Current Events

A comet has been spotted in the night sky and getting bigger.

Goblins have been hostile in no man's land areas, though goblin traders still come to the village.

A green dragon has moved into a nearby area.

The village's head druid has been away on druid business recently.


Character creation

2nd level and default 40 point buy dover race (see below under races). Though other options as well

Optional point buy and LA variations:

Option two 56 point buy: Can increase point buy to 56 if restrict class options to LA +0 with NPC classes only.

Option three 48 point buy : Free LA +1 race restricted to NPC classes. LA +0

Option four 40 point buy: Free LA +2 race restricted to NPC classes. Free LA +1. Alternatively can take LA +0 gestalt option with one class required to be an NPC class.

Option Five 32 point buy: Can take a Free LA +3 race restricted to NPC classes. Free LA +2 race. Free LA +1 race Gestalt with NPC class. Or LA +0 Gestalt.

Option six 24 point buy: Free LA +4 restricted to NPC class. Free LA +3. Free LA +2 Gestalt with NPC class. Free LA +1 Gestalt.

Anybody can take racial HD as a class option. Humanoid HD count as an NPC class, Dragon as a PC class, and others TBD if needed.

See house rules, and class and race options and modifications below.
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Home base for the campaign is Dover village, with neighboring local elf and goblin populations as well and outsiders can come from most any race.

Races that do not have common as their primary language do not speak common as a free language

no half races: Half elves and half orcs are distinct elf and orc subraces with the core half race mechanics. Many monster and race book supplements allowed (I don‘t have Savage Species or any WotC Races of X books though). Half templates exist but do not come about through hybridization. Races are essentially species.

LA +1 to +4 OK but see above for how this is handled.

Good Doggy: Dover traits are from Complete Minons, medium humanoid (canine) +2 dex, +2 wis, -2 int, scent, bite 1d6 natural weapon, +4 listen racial bonus, two weapon fighting bonus feat, speak canine, +1 LA

Little Birdy: Vogels are size small.

Orcs are Goblins: Orcs are subtype goblinoid and orcish is just a dialect of goblin

Elves are Fey: Elves are humanoids with the subtype fey. Elvish is a dialect of sylvan

Gnomes are Fey: Gnomes are humanoids with the subtype fey. Gnomish is a dialect of sylvan

Giants are People Too: Giants are a humanoid subtype that use giant type traits (can be affected by "person" spells, etc.)

Medusae are People Too: Monstrous humanoids are a humanoid subtype that use monstrous humanoid type traits (can be affected by "person" spells, etc.).

Trolls are Trolls: Trolls all also have the troll subtype regardless of whether they are also giants or monstrous humanoid subtypes.

Dwarves are Giants: dwarves are subtype giants. Dwarvish is a dialect of giant.

Many non-PH sources including lots of monster books are OK. Ask if interested.

Race Books: see below under Sources
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Core Class Changes


Increase HD to d8.


Spontaneous divine caster variant from Unearthed Arcana

Clerics can choose any domains, regardless of religion or god as long as appropriate for character

Clerics can be godless, or worship non-divine beings (dragons, demons, etc.), or pantheons, or specific gods


Spontaneous divine caster variant from Unearthed Arcana

Druids do not automatically know summon nature’s ally spells or get companions

Druids gain a domain, which can be but need not be nature summoning. Nature summoning domain’s power is animal companion.


No multiclass restrictions


Paladins can be spell less variants from Complete Warrior or trade spellcasting for bonus feats. Alternatively they can convert spellcasting to spontaneous divine casting knowing 1 spell per spell casting level. No prepared Spell casting.

Option to have smite evil work continuously but not be a flat damage bonus against evil creatures. Note Beyond Good and Evil Above, casting [EVIL] spells counts as evil action for falling, otherwise good to go. Code is a social code expected of paladins and they are socially expected to act good.

No multiclass restrictions.


Increase HD to d10

Rangers can be spell less variants from Complete Warrior or Wildscapes or trade spellcasting for bonus feats. Alternatively they can convert spells to spontaneous divine casting knowing 1 spell per spell casting level. No prepared spell casting.

No animal companion, although a feat would allow one.


HD increase to d8

Trapsense = elf style auto trap check


Increase HD to d6

Gain 1 free metamagic level they can use per day per sorcerer level

Familiar requires a feat or spell or reducing class HD to d4


Increase HD to d6

Wizards can learn spells from any items they have crafting feats to create, not just scrolls

Wizards can prepare spells without spellbooks. Doing so increases the spell slot required by 1 level.

Familiar requires a feat or spell or reducing class HD to d4



I have over 100 d20 books and pdfs so ask if there is something you want to use, I might have it. The answer will be either no, yes with changes, or yes. Since I am starting at 1st level I am more likely to allow weird classes or races and see how they progress.

Sources I have for further possible class options I will consider but have to review first if you want stuff from them, and I might alter stuff:


WotC: Unearthed Arcana, Complete Warrior, Psionics SRD, Modern SRD, Dragonlance CS, FRCS, Wheel of Time, Diablo, Tome of Magic, Player's Handbook II, and excerpt articles posted on the WotC website presenting full descriptions of certain classes

Third-Party, several including:
0one Games: Heroes and Magic
AEG: Mercenaries
Aegis Studios: Contagion Revised, Virulence,
Alea Publishing: A Question of Honor Knightly Orders, A Question of Loyalty Military Orders, Chronicles of Yrza Crow, Crusader Subclass, Honor and Corruption, Mindcraft, Poor Gamers Almanacs,
Ancient Awakenings Publications: Dryden Hero or Horror,
Atlas Games: Nyambe, Occult Lore,
Avalanche Press: Aztecs, Black Flags Pirates of the Caribbean, War in Heliopolis,
Bards and Sages: Neiyar,
Bastion Press: Wildwood, Mysteries of Arena, Torn Asunder, Spells and Magic, Pale Designs,
Blue Devil Games: Helios Rising,
Chainmail Bikini: Beyond Monks 3.0,
Creative Mountain Gaming: Lexus Culture Class County Clergy, Lexus Culture Class Trundlefolk,
Cryptosnark Games: Deeds Not Words, Classes
DaemonEye Publishing: Academe Mentus, Dead Stars,
Dark Quest Games: In the Saddle,
Dog Soul Publishing: Books of Faith Hinduism, Books of Faith Jainism, Fishers for the Dead, Gallia, Kitsunemori
Dream Scarred Press: Races of the Mind Elan, Untapped Classes Complete Marksman, Untapped Potential,
Dunham Studios: Elemental Powers Player’s Sourcebook,
Emerald Press: Wilderness Master,
EN Publishing: Asgard Magazine 1-7, Crimson Contracts, Crystalmancy, Elements of Magic, Elements of Magic Revised, Elements of Magic Lyceian Academy, Elements of Magic Mythic Earth, Fantastic Science, Four Color to Fantasy, Four Color to Fantasy Revised, Heroes of Code, Monks of the 9 Animal Clans, Necromancer's Legacy Bloodlines and Paragons, Steam & Steel, Three Arrows for the King, War of the Burning Sky Player's Guide,
Fantasy Flight Games: Cityworks, Darkness & Dread, Midnight, Path of Faith, Path of Magic, Path of Shadows, Path of Swords, School of Evocation, School of Illusion, Sorcery & Steam, Traps and Treachery, Wildscape,
Fifth Element Games: Alignment Paragons, Eldritch Codex: Libram of Silver Magic,
Goodman Games: Complete Guide to Fey, Complete Guide to Rakshasa, Complete Guide to Treants, Underdark Adventure Guide,
Green Ronin: Avatar’s Handbook, Book of Fiends, Freeport Trilogy, Testament, Witch’s Handbook,
Heathen Oracle: Novice to Master,
High Moon Media: Paragons: Forest Dwellers, Paragons: Sun and Sea,
Inner Circle: Broken Isles Player's Guide,
LPJ: Races of NeoExodus: Cavian, Races of NeoExodus: Cynean, Races of NeoExodus: Dalrean, Races of NeoExodus: Enuka, Races of NeoExodus: Prymidian, Races of NeoExodus: Sasori,
Malhavok Press: Arcana Unearthed, Complete Book of Eldritch Might, Book of Hallowed Might, Iron Heroes, Iron Heroes Bestiary
Malladin's Gate: Forgotten Heroes Paladins, Saint John’s College of Abjuration,
Mind's Eye Games: Tarot Magic,
Mob United Media: OGL The Fighting Priest, OGL The Thief, OGL The Warbard, Steel and Stealth,
Mongoose Publishing: Conan RPG Pocket Edition, Infernum Player’s Guide,
Monkey God: From Stone to Steel, Frost and Fur,
Morrigan Press: Talislanta d20
Octaviarate Games: Collectabeasts, Simple Tricks and Nonsense,
Otherworld Creations: Forbidden Kingdoms
Paizo: Dragon 310, Dragon 318, Dragon 319, Dragon 320, Dragon 326, Dragon 337, Dungeon 100,
Red Moon Games: Kyngdom Campaign Setting, Book of Versus Classes
Ronin Arts: Core Class Variants,
RPGObjects: Legends of the Samurai,
Sean K. Reynolds Games: New Argonauts,
Sovereign Press: Age of Mortals,
Spellbinder Games: Dreadmire Bonus Material,
Sword Sorcery Studios: Aberrant d20, Everquest RPG PH, Gamma World PH,
S.T. Cooley Games: Enchiridion of Elided Enduements of the Expanse,
Tangent Games: Ados Land of Strife,
Team Frog: Vampire Hunter$,
The Le: Neo Clerics Opus Priest, Neo Fighters Fire Knight, Neo Paladins Martyr, Neo Rangers the Spider King, Unorthodox Barbarians, Unorthodox Bards, Unorthodox Clerics, Unorthodox Fighters, Unorthodox Monks, Unorthodox Pirates, Unorthodox Sorcerers, Unorthodox Witches,
Throwing Dice Games: Character Customization,
Vigilance Press: Clash of Arms: Cavalry, Clash of History: Witch Trials, Clash of Kings: Guilds and Money, Clash of Kings: Nobility, Prometheus, Vigilance,
and maybe others.

I might consider some of these classes underpowered, such as many of the Avalanche Press historical ones, and therefore NPC ones.

Race Books: Mythic Races, Races of Evernor I-III, Umbragia Races, Emerging Forms Aegire, Races of the Underdark (the web enhancement for Goodman Games underdark monster book), 6 Races of NeoExodus, a bunch of Campaign settings (Oathbound, Wildwood, Arena, Mysteries of Arena, for Dark Sun for Planescape, Forgotten Realms CS, Dragonlance CS, Age of Mortals, Arcana Unearthed, Valus, Kyngdoms, Helios Rising, Burok Torn from scarred lands, Dragonlords of Melnibone, Twin Crowns CS, Nyambe, Ravenloft CS, Twilight of Atlantis, Ragnarok, Doom of Odin, Castlemourn Player's Guide, Ptolus, Argyle Lorebook, Midnight, Talislanta d20, each have new races), a bunch of monster books (for example Advanced Bestiary, Blackdirge's Dungeon Denizens, Complete Minions, Creature Weekly, Creature Collection Revised, Digital Denizens, E.N. Critters, Fiend Folio, Lethal Lexicon, Little People, Manual of Monsters, Monster Manual II and IV, Monsternomicon, the srd, and others) and a few miscellaneous sources (Children of the Fey, Children of the Serpent, Complete Guide to Treants, Hidden Races, Honor and Corruption, Mercenaries, Mystic Warriors, Race Creation Cookbook, Races: Animal Kingdoms, Rats in the Walls, the "Into the" series, Out for Blood, and Faeries, others).

Major spell sources: SRD/PH, Spell Compendium, Tome and Blood, Magic of Faerun, Arcane Strife, Book of Curses, Complete Book of Eldritch Might, Crystalmancy, Dweomercraft Enchanters, Encyclopedia Arcane Necromancy, Joe's Book of Enchantment, Minor Magicks, Paths of Power, Practical Enchanter, Quintessential Wizard, Relics and Rituals, Relics and Rituals II, School of Evocation, School of Illusion, Simple Tricks and Nonsense, Spells and Magic, Spells and Spellcraft, Urban Magica Spell Cards, and other ones that have fewer spells.

Major combat feat sources: SRD, Sword and Fist, Complete Warrior, Player's Handbook II, Torn Asunder, Arcana Unearthed, Iron Heroes, Book of Iron Might, Beyond Monks, Deeds Not Words, Deeds Not Words Smack Down, Masters of Arms, Martial Arts Mayhem Vol 1, Legends of the Samurai, Action Maneuvers, Critical Feats, Rage Feats, Sunder Feats, others.

Psionics (Standard 3.5) Sources: 3.5 srd, Hyperconsciousness, Untapped Potential, Divine Mind, Races of the Mind Elan, High Psionics Psionic Feats, Gestalt Surge Feats.

Alternate Magic System Sources: Psionics 3.5 (srd), Tome of Magic, Forgotten Realms CS, Wheel of Time, Arcana Unearthed, Complete Book of Eldritch Might, Elements of Magic, Elements of Magic Revised, Elements of Magic Mythic Earth, Everquest RPG 1e, Iron Heroes, Legends of the Samurai, Midnight, Occult Lore, Relics and Rituals, Spellbound, Twin Crowns CS, Talislanta d20, Four Color to Fantasy, Mindcraft, Psihammer, Academe Mentus, Mystic Warriors, Deeds Not Words, Vigilance, Others.

Ritual Magic sources: Relics and Rituals, Twin Crowns CS, Spellbound, Heroes of High Favor Elves

Elan sources: Races of the Mind Elan

Ones of note from WotC that I do not have and so will not allow material from unless it is available online elsewhere: Anything Eberron, Anything Kalamar, Complete Arcane, Complete Divine, Complete Adventurer, Complete Champion, Complete Scoundrel, Complete Mage, Complete Psion, Magic of Incarnum, Any Races of series, Most Handbook books, Any Heroes of series, Oriental Adventures, Savage Species, Book of Exalted Deeds, Book of Vile Darkness, Book of Nine Swords.
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House Rules

House rules:

Beasts are Dangerous: iterative attacks work with natural weapons

Red in Tooth and claw: claws do slashing, bite does piercing.

Poisons are Deadly: successful saves on poisons result in half damage

More Death Buffer: Arcana Unearthed/Iron Heroes style extended disabled/dying and fort saves for negative hp instead of death at -10

Fancy Footwork: add base reflex save to Dex AC bonus.

Dodging is Simple: Dodge Feat = flat +1 dodge bonus

Hanging Tough: Toughness turns into Improved Toughness feat (from Complete Warrior, +1 hp/level) at third level.

Falling is Dangerous: falling damage accelerates, it is 1d6 for each ten feet fallen, for each set of 10'. Still 20d6 max


Built Ford Tough: no massive damage save

Shirts or Skins: natural armor overlaps with regular armor instead of stacking

Hack, Hack, Hack: max hp at first level, half HD average round up for other levels

Mix and Match: No favored class, multiclass freely without xp penalty. Fractional BAB and save advancements for multiclass characters. Fractional saves give you levels in good or bad save progression (No starting over for another 2.5 with 1st level good saves).

Magic Stacks: multiclassing spell caster spell slots and spells known stack AU style

I can do Anything: No cross-class skills, everything is a class skill for everybody. Only need a story explanation for how acquired.

We Don’t Need No Stinking Skill Rolls: Don’t expect many skill rolls, particularly for social actions. Most things I see your score and character development (concept, history, characterization, and mechanical choices) and adjudicate based on that, not rolls.

I Kan Reed Gud: Characters are illiterate as a default. Literacy in a spoken language takes a one time feat then a separate skill point for every written language.

What’s That Say: Decipher script does not exist as a skill

It’s a Trap: Anybody can search for traps regardless of DC

I Make Magic: Crafting magic items does not cost xp

Magic’s Expensive: xp spells cost extra gold for component instead of xp

Feel the Power: levels are awarded when I say so, individual xp is not given to players.

Let’s Go: teleport is shorter range (1 mile)

Pikachu, I choose you: Summoned celestial and fiendish smite works as a lesser constant smite against targeted aligned creatures, not a powerful 1/day thing.

Some core spells not allowed (searing light I’m talking about you, domains using it will be modified upon request, also most anything with sonic damage).

Beyond Good and Evil: Alignment is only for divine champions, undead, and outsiders, everyone else is neutral. Alignments are primal forces, not moralities. Class alignment restrictions do not apply other than as social expectations.

Specific Beasts: shape shifting and summoning requires a focus of the thing being summoned or shape assumed (usually a bone).

Giants are People Too: Giants are a humanoid subtype that use giant type traits (can be affected by "person" spells, etc.)

Medusae are People Too: Monstrous humanoids are a humanoid subtype that use monstrous humanoid type traits (can be affected by "person" spells, etc.).

Trolls are Trolls: Trolls all also have the troll subtype regardless of whether they are also giants or monstrous humanoid subtypes.

Orcs are goblins: Orcs are subtype goblinoid and orcish is just a dialect of goblin

Did it Work?: DM handles all rolling. Post appropriate character mechanics and numbers in OOC portion of IC posts with spoiler tags.

What? You Want a Cookie?: No arrival gifts.

Skilled: Feats every level instead of every three. I think feats are fun and add to characters and want PCs to have more.

No Wasted Learning: If you multiclass into a class that grants a bonus feat you already have you instead gain a related feat. For instance a character with Tracking who later becomes a ranger could gain Skill Focus Survival to boost his tracking instead of being out a feat compared to a character that waited to learn tracking. Taking a class that provides abilities you are good at should make you better at those abilities instead of no increased benefit.

First level benefits are for the best of your classes. So the max hp and 4x skillpoints for first level are whatever your best class is. It doesn't matter if you go sorcerer 1 then rogue 1 or rogue 1 then sorcerer 1 both second level characters will look the same mechanically.

Smarts!: Int skill bonuses are retroactive. If somebody increases their int permanently through level advancement they get the extra skill points and can learn a new language. Skill increases must still make sense for the character from a story perspective and can be saved until appropriate opportunities for skill development.

I got better: heal works like treat injury from d20 modern, but the treat injury application can be done once per encounter resulting in wounds and cures 1d4 for every 5 points above DC 10 on the heal check.

Shake it off: Reserve hp rule, reserve points = max hp, 1 reserve point heals 1 damage 1/minute.

Mostly dead: instant death effects take you to dying status, not dead.

Healing is Easy: All core spellcasting classes get healing type spells on their spell list and at the lowest level it is available to the other core classes.

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