[Recruiting] Star Wars Saga Edition - KOTOR - "Into the Infinite Flames"


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Recruitment ends July 20th, or when group is full.



It has been a decade since the brutal Mandalorians began conquering star systems beyond the Galactic Republic's reach, and the aged titan trembles with fear at the possibility of intragalactic war so soon after the disastrous Great Sith War.

Their motives as mysterious and shadowy as their tactics, the warrior-clans of the Mando'ade slowly tighten the noose around the Republic's neck, while the Jedi Knights advise caution and restraint, while hawks and doves in the Galactic Senate uselessly argue over the fate of trillions.

Meanwhile, over the decaying and riotous Outer Rim planet of Taris, fate brings a group of unlikely allies together in the face of coming war...

The Big Idea:

"Into the Infinite Flames" will be a Star Wars campaign for 3-4 players, taking place during the Knights of the Old Republic era. Against the background of the impending Mandalorian Wars, players will take on the roles of inexperienced heroes (willing or reluctant, but heroes undeniably) faced with danger and adventure across a war-torn galaxy.

Characters (4-5):

Characters begin at 1st level.

Ability scores are generated by the Planned Generation method, but you have 30 points to work with rather than 25.

Your character, regardless of origin within the Republic, on the Fringe, or as a Mandalorian, can be of any available species. However, the following species have yet to be discovered or have yet to develop their own space-faring technologies, and are thus forbidden: Cerean, Chistori, Ewok, Gungan, Kel Dor.

Choose any class, and feel free to use any talents, feats, and powers (including those from Starships of the Galaxy and Threats of the Galaxy), with the exception of the Jensaarai Defender, Dathomiri Witch and any Dark Side abilities. Characters in this game, even if reluctant, are going to be heroes. The allure of the Dark Side will be present, however, so a tragic descent into evil will be possible, as the story unfolds.

Characters may not have a Destiny at 1st level, they will be earned through role-playing during the campaign.

Characters will have maximum starting credits, and may purchase whatever they can afford, which will not include starships. Again, such will be earned through play.

Finally, have some history for your character. Is he a young Republic officer, assigned to a ship patrolling Taris? Is she a young Mandalorian scout, assigned to gather intelligence beyond Mandalorian space? Is your character a Jedi padawan with a spotless record until the call to adventure came, or a small-time thug with aspirations of nobility and prestige? So long as it puts you at Taris, and leaves at least some room for heroism (Han Solo, anyone?), it'll work great!

Please submit a character sheet with your history for consideration, and allow yours truly a small amount of lee-way with character history to spur the game on.

Approved Characters:
(Nightbreeze's Human Jedi)
Fornus Vail (Lobo Lurker's Twi'lek Scout)
Belloc Sinde (ShaggySpellsword's Human Noble)
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Voda Vosa

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This seems like a nice saga game!
I would like to play, will have a concept shortly.

I assume droids are not available.


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I assume droids are not available.

Actually, droids are A-OK. As long as they've got personality (and are allowed by the rules to be played as droid heroes), go for it!

The following droids are appropriate for play as heroes in "Into the Infinite Flames" (Names outside of parentheses are what the droids are referred to in the KOTOR era, which will just use the same stats as the droids in the books):

MX-4 Medical Droid/Aratech "Unidoctor" B-C3 Medical Droid (2-1B medical droid, pg. 197, Core Book/GH-7 Medical Droid, pg. 147, Threats of the Galaxy)
T3-8 Series Astromech (R2 Series Astromech, pg. 198, Core Book, R3-7 Series Astromech, pg. 136-139, Threats of the Galaxy)
PH-3 Series Protocol Droid/CPZ Series Protocol Droid (3P0 Series Protocol Droid, pg. 198, Core Book/TC Series Protocol Droid, pg. 161, Threats of the Galaxy)
X-D3 Super Battle Droid (B2 Series Super Battle Droid, pg. 199, Core Book)
T1 Labor Droid/D0K0 Labor Droid (ASP Series Labor Droid, pg 203, Core Book/PK Series Worker Droid, pg. 160, Threats of the Galaxy)
CG Series Power Droid (EG-6 Series Power Droid, pg. 148, Threats of the Galaxy)
Cinnagar Droid Systems IDL Series Military Protocol Droid (M-3P0 Series Military Protocol Droid, pg. 150, Threats of the Galaxy)
CDZ-3 Probe Droid (DRK-1 Probe Droid, pg. 149, Threats of the Galaxy)
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Voda Vosa

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Great, I love droids, I was thinking on a droid with some of the personality of the HK series from KOTR games. I love that little killing machine.


He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
Damn it Voda, you beat me to it :(. I'd have loved to suggest a droid also... ;) (Though propably completely opposite kind of personality. I'm thinking Marvin from Hitchiker's Guide)

If you're willing to allow another droid, I think some sort of prototype medical-droid maybe...
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Argh...my other Saga game crashed and burned...so I'm interested.

I'd like to try a Jedi...though it might be fun to start as something else.

I'll try to get a more concrete concept up later today.


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I am all in. I've been wanting to play a star wars game for some time, but I never had the time to sit down and read the manual. Well, I am still quite new to the rules, but I thing it's worth a try :).

Here is a short summary of the character idea:
I've been thinking about a Human Jedi Guardian, named Styrke. A cynical 23 years old padawan, seemingly the perfect opposite of the Jedi stereotype, quick to anger and not really "wise", although he can be charming and wise, if he wishes. Only, he never does. Point is, since he started training as a Padawan, he realized that there's another side of him, although he doesn't know if it is a split personality, someone trying to control him from distance, or someone who has possessed him. He manages to keep it in check with moderate effort, but it gives him headaches and he is compelled to avoid revealing it to anyone. Only his master probably knew about this side of him, and only he realized that his disciple was not being drawn to the Dark side. The other jedi view him with slight suspition.

When he heard from his master that the next mission was investigating several disappearances in a Taris subcontint, he started having dreams and visions about an underground temple. From this points his memories are blurry, and the next certain thing is that he awoke, badly bruised and hurt, dozens of miles from the nearest city, in the middle of nowhere. He faintly remembers a fight in that temple against strange creatures and shadows, and the words "Gorak sta aszar". He can't sense his master nowhere, and is currently heading back in the city, in exceptionally sour mood.


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Pick me, pick me, pick me! I'm definitely interested. I did sign up for another game, but it never took off! :(

I shall work up a background and concept shortly, though I am most likely aiming for a Jedi, since Jedi's in general rock. :) Or maybe a Noble, because they are awesome. Or a Scoundrel because they are fun. Or a Scout, because Chewie is furry... Or a Soldier, because they got big guns... Or... Uhm... Something!

Voda Vosa

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What about a Mark I droid? is from the same period I think.


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