[Recruiting] Star Wars Saga Edition - KOTOR - "Into the Infinite Flames"

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A little background:
Fornus Vail was an orphan by the time he was 8; his mother killed by Rakghouls father did his best to provide for him but, in the end, life was tougher than he was and Vail was left on his own.

Friends and co-workers of his father helped Vail for a time but chairity doesn't last long when there's not enough to eat. His childhood was hard and best forgotten but it did teach the young twi'lekk to survive, accept help when it was offered, and to make the best of any given situation.

By the time he was 15 Vail'd managed to snag a prime gig ferrying folks around in a stolen air taxi. He was living the high life: steady income, the promise of a relationship with the twi'lekk dispatcher, a place to call his own and a modicom of respect from those around him. Yes, life was good... and then came the Exhange. They wanted 'access fees' and Vail didn't have it; he'd spent it on new digs and new cloths. To make a long story short, Vail learned to respect the Exchange. Life is tough and they're tougher... especially when they torch your digs and scrap your taxi.

After the flames died out Vail scavenges what he can from the wreckage of his once promising life. He knows he'll be all right; he's a survivor. Life is tough, but Vail is tougher.

Concept: last man standing
Ht: 2meters
Wt: 101 kilos
Color: aqua
Eyes: red
Distinguishing Features: gang tattos running down the length of his lekku; tattooed stylized sunburst over left eye.
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Lobo Lurker

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Vail - Fornus Vail; Concept: last man standing
Species: Twi'lekk, Class: Scout 1
HT: 6 ft, WT: 177 lb., Coloration: aquamarine (green/blue), Eyes: red, Distinguishing Features: gang tattoos running down the length of his lekku and a tattooed stylized sunburst over his left eye.
"This? This ain't nothin'. Last week it was twice as bad."

STR: 8 -1........0=8
DEX: 15 +2.......8=15
CON: 16 +3......10=16
INT: 12 +1.......4=12
WIS: 10 +0.......4=12 -2 racial
CHA: 14 +2.......4=12 +2 racial

* Deceptive: reroll deception checks
* Great Fortitude: +2 species bonus to FORT defense.
* Low-light Vision: ignore concealment from darkness (but not total concealment).

* +2 Reflex defense, +1 Fortitude defense
* see starting feats below

HP: 27, Threshold: 7, Second Wind (x2): 6hp
AC: 12 (flat 10), FORT +7, REFL +5, WILL +1
Attack Bonus +0 (MAB -1, RAB +2, GRAPPLE -1)
Speed 8, Force Points: 5, Destiny: ZERO

* Endurance +8
* Initiative +7
* Mechanics +6
* Perception +5
* Pilot +7
* Survival +5
LANGUAGES: Basic, Ryl, Lekku

* Shake it Off
* WP (pistols)
* WP (rifles)
* WP (simple weapons)
* Extra 2nd Wind

* Long Stride (+2 speed in light or no armor)

GEAR & CREDITS (10 credit stick):
* vibrodagger (200cr, 2d4 dmg, 1kg, slashing or piercing)
* Ion Pistol (250cr, 3d6 ion-dmg, S, 1kg, Energy--ion)
* Stun Grenade (250cr, 4d6 stun, 0.5kg, Energy)
* Sporting Blaster Rifle (800cr, 3d6 dmg/2d6 stun, S, 4kg, Energy)
* Comlink, video capable (short-range; 50cr, 0.1kg)
* field kit (1000cr)
* all-temperature cloak (100cr, 1.5kg)
* energy cell x1 (10cr)
* power pack x3 (75cr, 0.1kg)
* tool kit (250cr, 1kg)
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Ashlin Veda - Work in Progress:

[Sblock=Ashlin Veda]Name: Ashlin Veda
Profession: Outlaw Tech
Force Points: 5 Destiny: ??
Medium Human Female Scoundrel 1
Init: +7; Perception: +5
Languages: Basic, Binary, Huttese, Bocce
Defenses: Fort Ref Will
Hit Points: 20; Threshold 13
Spd 6 squares (walking)
Melee +0
Ranged +3
Base Attack +1; Grapple +0
Abilities Str 8, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 10, Chr 12

Personalized Modifications (1std +1 hit, +2 dmg)

Point Blank Shot (class)
WP: Pistol (Class)
WP: Simple (Class)
Tech Specialist
Armor Proficiency: Light
Skill Focus: Mechanics

Trained Skills:
Mechanics +13
Use Computer +8
Knowledge: Technology +8
Knowledge: Physical Sciences +8
Deception +6
Perception +5
Initiative +7

Money: 495cr

Blaster Pistol, +3 to hit, 3d6 dmg (2d6 stun), 1kg, 100 shots, 500cr

Blast Helmet & Vest, +2 Ref, +5 max dex, 0 ACP, 3kg, 500cr

Datapad, .5kg, 1000cr
Mesh Tape, .5kg, 5cr
Utility Belt, 4kg, 500cr





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Shayuri..."Into the Infinite Flames" takes place just at the beginning of the Mandalorian invasion of the Republic, some thirty years after the war against Exar Kun and about six years before the beginning of the Jedi Civil War.


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Possum...this is just before the Mandalorians invade Republic space proper, and Revan (who will remain nameless) and Malak (called Alek "Squint" Squinquargesimus) have, for nearly a year, been sending young Jedi on scouting missions around the Rim.


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Nightbreeze...Styrke approved! I'll spend a bit of time trying to formulate the teensy changes I'd like to make to the character (nothing to background or personality, just the circumstances of his journey to Taris). More info as the game develops!

Remember to add both your level and class bonus to all Defenses. Also, indeed, for each use in combat you'd like, you take the powers individually...however, whenever you roll a natural 20 on a Force power check, your Force powers are all refreshed. Additionally, you can spend a Force Point as a reaction to refresh one of your powers, which you can use immediately.
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Shaggy...I like it! Give us some more background (no need to give his whole lineage and such, of course) and some stats, and we'll be glad to have you!


He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
Blackrat...Sounds good...the GH-7 from Threats of the Galaxy fits that pretty well, with hovering locomotion and specific non-human medical programming that, while not hindering, could lead to some funny role-playing opportunities.

Is it possible to play a custom model as per option 1 of page 186 in the core-book?

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