[Recruiting] Star Wars Saga Edition - KOTOR - "Into the Infinite Flames"


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ok. I added the equipment and changed one power (move object replacing farseeing, as I read it again and decided that I don't want it right now).

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Belloc "Bel" Sinde

Medium human Noble 1, CL1
Destiny ?????; Force Points 5
Init +1; Perception +5
Languages Basic, Durese, Ryl, High Galactic
Defense Reflex: 16 (flat-footed 15); Fortitude: 12; Will: 13
Hit Points: 19 Threshold: 12
Speed 6 squares
Base Attack Bonus +0, Grp +2
Melee punch +2 (1d3+2) or
Melee force pike +2 (2d8+4) or
Ranged Blaster Pistol +1 (3d6)
Abilities: Str 15, Dex 13, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 14
Talents: Presence
Feats: Armor Proficiency (light), Linguist, Weapon Proficiency (advanced, pistols, simple weapons)
Skills: Deception +7, Gather Information +7, Knowledge (Galactic Lore) +6, Knowledge (Tactics) +6, Perception +5, Persuasion +7, Pilot +6, Use Computer +6
Possessions: blaster pistol, combat jumpsuit, force pike, utility belt (3 days of food capsules, medpac, tool kit, power pack, 2 energy cells, glow rod, comlink with pocket scrambler, liquid cable dispenser with small grappling hook, credit chip with 940 credits, binder cuffs, blaster pistol, combat jumpsuit, force pike licenses), hip holster, all-temperature cloak
Experience 0
Height 1.9 m, Weight 80 kg

[sblock=Character History] Belloc, the youngest member of a Tarisian noble family is tired of always doing what his parents expect of him. He attended the Grand Academy of the Republic on Taris on his parent’s wishes, receiving training in languages, the military, and computer skills. Mostly, he took advantage of that time to occasionally sneak down to the undercity and watch the swoop races. Just recently he graduated with no great distinction and has moved home to await some sort of post in the Republican beuracracy. Because he was a member of the Sinde family, he is pretty much garanteed a job…the thing is, Belloc has absolutely no interest in being a minor-level functionary in the Durese embassy or a low-level beurocratic speed-bump in a liscensing office somewhere.

Belloc, or “Bel” to his friends, has taken to walking around some of the less respectable areas of Taris, looking for some opportunity to take what money he has saved, his battle gear, and whatever luck he can muster, and leave his family’s wishes behind.[/sblock]


He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
Actually, forget my previous question. The GH-7 looks like a perfect choice, though if I may, I'd like to modify it a bit (Specifically replace the 3 non-heroic levels with 1 level of noble, which would balance it a bit by lowering the skills, but giving more HP). Here's a short backstory:

[sblock=Scrap]Scrap is a unique model droid and was found on a barren world few years ago by a group of explorers. It is unknown how he got there in the first place but he was in a bad shape and most of his memory was unsalvable. Infact only the core-memory seemed fully functional and most of the droid looked like it had been welded together from thousands of salvaged scrap-parts. One of the explorers fixed and reprogrammed the little droid as best as he could to function as medical and scientific droid. When he finally rebooted the droid it became fast apparent that even the core was malfunctioning, as the droid's personality was stuck to a depressed and pessimistic view of life. He could also remember bits and pieces from his past but nothing to really point where he came from. The explorers named him Scrap, but when they ran into money troubles they had to sell him on.[/sblock]

Anyone want a droid?
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Hmmm...if you would enjoy being the droid of patient Jedi Master with a cynical and bad-tempered Padawan :)

I suppose we would make a fine dialogues :D
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Lan Teir CL 1
Female Epicanthix (near-human) Jedi 1
Destiny ; Force 5; Dark Side 1
Init +2; Senses Perception +6
Languages Basic, Huttese.
Defenses Ref 15 (13 flat-footed), Fort 13, Will 13
HP 31; Threshold 13
Speed 6 squares
Melee lightsaber +4 (2d8+3)
Melee unarmed strike +4 (1d6+3)
Base Atk +1; Grp
Atk Options Unarmed Strike
Force Powers Known Battle Strike, Move Object
Abilities Str 16, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 10
Talents Deflect
Feats Force Sensitive, Force Training, Martial Arts I, Weapon Proficiencies (Lightsaber, simple)
Skills Acrobatics +7, Jump +8, Perception +6, Use the Force +5
Possessions lightsaber, Jedi robe, comlink, datapad.

For Everyone's Eyes
"I am sorry, Master, but you just don't see the threats that are to come. *beep* does." With these words, Tan left her Master's side on Coruscant to be one of the many Jedi that flocked to the side of the man who would be called The Revanchist. Prior to that, she had been a perfectly normal 18 year old Jedi under the tutelage of a Duros Jedi Master.

Born on the Outer Rim planet of Panatha, one of the martial near-human Epicanthix, Tan was identified at an early age and sent to Coruscant to be trained as a toddler. Her fears of her home planet being attacked by the Mandalorians and the Republic and rest of the Jedi Order doing nothing to help them urged her to join the forces of the Revanchist and hopefully take back the planets already conquered.

As an Epicanthix, Lan stands slightly taller than normal human females at 1.8 meters. She wears her dark brown hair cut short, fearing that long hair would make an excellent target in a hand-to-hand fight.[/sblock]

Lobo Lurker

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If I read the rule book correctly, he gets 24 hit points + his Con. I'll re-read that part in a bit; perhaps that was supposed to say con modifier.


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Well, I do have an old character that would fit in I think. If only the background was written in English rather than my native language, I could simply copy paste all of it. ;)

Alia Caveel, Human Noble level 1
Alia was born into a noble family on Corulag. Both of her parents were diplomats and Alia grew up with only the company of the maids and her personal droid (originally a protocol droid, but could be a bodyguard instead). She was taught by great tutors, yet she always wanted something different, something more. She wanted to be a Jedi, she wanted to explore the Galaxy, something else than simply live inside the mansion with none of her own age to keep her company.
She was informed that she was to be married off to a much older gentleman, the senator of Commenor. It was a political marriage and not one of love (even if her mother told her that she'd grow to love her new husband, just like her mother had grown to love her father). After meeting with the man and finding him highly unpleasant, she fled the planet hidden in the cargo room of a space transport together with her droid and a few belongings. A few more jumps, which eventually caused her to almost run out of credits, she found herself on the planet of Taris, far away from her home planet, intent to perhaps create a new life for herself, hopefully a far more interesting and exciting life than her previous.

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