[Recruiting] Star Wars Saga Edition - KOTOR - "Into the Infinite Flames"


He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
To inform you of the changes I'm planning, I'll replace the Gybernetic Surgery feat with something else, since I don't think it's usefull for me. Also I'll propably take pistol proficiency from noble starting feats so I can stun-bolt our enemies. The skill list can stay as it is. I think that's pretty much it ;).

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Nightbreeze...are you sure you want the blast helmet and vest? Jedis don't get Armor Proficiency, and I noted you didn't take the feat with one of your picks.

My fault, forgot to check the armor proficiencies. Removing it for a bright red-and-gold customized jedi robe (just give some more headaches to the other Jedi masters). Could you send me your interpretation on my arrival at Taris and my master?


He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
Okay, here's the crunch though I need to add a language and blaster & check the calculations once more. There was at least on mistake in the book itself, 'cause there's no way for GH-7 to have +14 in treat injury.

Small 1st Degree Droid Non-Heroic 2/Noble 1
Destiny ?; Force 5
Init +3; Senses Low-light Vision, Perception 10
Languages Basic, Binary, Bocce, Huttese, High Galactic.
Defenses Ref 14 (flatfooted 12), Fort 10, Will 14
Hp 22; Treshold 10
Immune Droid Traits
Speed 6 (Hover)
Melee 0
Ranged 3
- Blaster Pistol 3d6+1
Base attack 1
str 8, dex 14, con -, int 16, wis 15, cha 12
Talents: Educated

Feats: Skill Training Mechanics, Skill Focus (Mechanics, Treat Injury, Use Computer), Surgical Expertise, Pistol Proficiency

Skills: Mechanics 14, Perception 10, Initiative 8, Stealth 8, Treat Injury 13, Use Computer 14

Systems: Hovering Locomotion, Improved Sensor Package, Integrated Comlink, Internal Storage (2kg), 3 Hand Appendage, 1 Tool Appendage, Heuristic Processor, Vocabulator

Possessions: Medical kit, Personal Holoprojector, Blaster Pistol (Licenced), Holster.
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Voda Vosa

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Sparks Steel Grip


Once a common guard droid in one of the lost planets of the outer ring, this Mark I unit, old and obsolete, sold to a merchant who's name history has forgotten. The Twilek merchant sold the droid in a junk sale, to a very mysterious man. Robed in black tunics, the human took the droid and paid nothing for it, the only words he said were "You want to give me that droid" and waved his hand towards the merchant.
The Mark I barely could walk after his new master, his gears and parts were filled with oxide and corrosion.
The human was a sith apprentice. He took the droid to his master ship, and got it repaired, installed an heuristic processor in it and programed it himself. Furion, such was the sith name, programed the old Mark I unit to be a ruthless killer, an assassin. But installing an heuristic processor on an assesine droid, on a pure killing machine is not the best of the ideas.
The reprogramed droid was assigned in various missions to kill important people from some influent planets of the outer ring, since it appears to be a guard droid.
Each time the droid cames back, it was memory wiped out. But one time, that didn't happened. When the technical droid was up to wipe the Mark I memory out, it took its probes, tare them appart, and destroyed the technical droid. It seaked through the registers of the computer, until he found his lost memories. Lacking any computer skills, the Mark I unit tried to load his memories back to his core, but something wrong happened. The wires started sparking out, and then the computer exploded. Mark I heuristic processor was damaged in the process, but his memories were there. Far from crippling the droid, the damages give it a unique personality, that his enemies would fear in the future.
The wild droid took his weapons and went looking for his "master". Furion looked surprised at the droid, but caught unarmed and unprepared he didn't got a chance against the cold blooded robot. Mark I emptied his powerpack on the already roasted body of the sith. After that the droid left the ship in a fighter.
He became a bounty hunter, traveling the galaxy, searching for a good price to claim. His merciless means and the fact that from his head often sprout some sparks, earn him the nick name "Sparks Steel Grip" which he took gladly.
He stored a great amount of hat towards the sith, for reasons that are unknown even for him.

His last job get him to Taris, to hunt some computer hijacker. But he ran out of luck, since the guy killed himself before getting caught.
With nothing better to do, Sparks walks Taris.


Sparks Steel Grip.

Str 14 +2
Dex 18 +4 (+2)
Con NA
Int 12 +1 (-2)
Wis 8 -1 (-2) 
Cha 8 -1

Hit points: 30

Reflex: 15
Fortitude: 15
Will: 10

Damage threshold: 15

Initiative +10

Perception -1

Blaster rifle: Attk:+5(+1 ir PB)  Dmg:3d8(+1 ir PB)
Stun Baton:  Attk:+3  Dmg:1d6
Ion pistol:  Attk:+5(+1 ir PB)  Dmg:2d6(+1 ir PB)  
Blaster pistol Hold out: Attk:+5(+1 ir PB)  Dmg:3d6(+1 ir PB)

Armor proficience (Light)
Armor proficience (medium)
Weapon Proficiency (rifles)
Weapon Proficiency (pistols)
Weapon Proficiency (simple weapons)

Talent: Devasting attack (Rifles): 

Drop 5 the target damage threshold if 

use selected weapon. 

Feat: Point blank shot.

Mechanics +6
Knowledge tactics +6
Initiative +10

Model accesories (1000):
Magnetic feets 600
Vocabulator    50
Heuristic procesor
Locked access  50
Darkvision     150
Telescopic hand 100
Backup Processor 100

Equipment (3000):
Blaster rifle  1000
Durasteel shell 900
Credit chip 100 
Basic datapad 100 
Comlink, sr 25 
Powerpacks (5) 125
Targeting scope 100
Stun baton   15
Ion pistol  250
Blaster pistol hold out 300

Credits left: 75
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Baesk Bhim, Trandoshan Soldier

The general idea is that he was a bouncer-type who just couldn't get any sort of lucky break, and even ended up having to bust some small time punks for excessive drunken misbehaviour, which of course earns him their enmity. He ain't got much talents nor many credits left, all he has is a strong arm and a sense of dignity. I'm hoping that this helps his eventual initiation into the Jedi order.

Metagame wise, he's starting off with Soldier, but will multiclass into Jedi to focus exclusively on lightsaber skills, since he's that kind of character who has almost zero capability in Force powers, so he can only devote his training into the more mundane side of Jedi-hood.
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Are you still open for recruits?

I'd love to play in a KOTOR game, I've a few nice ideas in mind, already.

I'll get something worked up and posted, assuming you are still recruiting, and we'll see how it goes. :D


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Withdrawing my submission.

Enworld is being slow and annoying again, and it's hard enough keeping up with the games I'm already in.

I do apologize, but even if I did join, it's looking like I'd probably just slow things up. :(

Hope y'all have fun!


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When will we find out who the last members of the party are? I know you said you'd give comments later on our characters, but now I've waited for 5 days to hear something, anything.

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