[Recruiting] Star Wars Saga Edition - KOTOR - "Into the Infinite Flames"


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Okay, since we have a few Jedis already, I'll be the obligatory plucky scoundrel...possibly force-sensitive, possibly not.

Details to follow!

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Blackrat...Sounds good...the GH-7 from Threats of the Galaxy fits that pretty well, with hovering locomotion and specific non-human medical programming that, while not hindering, could lead to some funny role-playing opportunities.


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[SBLOCK=For GM eyes only]Kian Yuthura, Human Jedi (or Soldier) 1

Kian does not know if she was born on Korriban, but for most of her life the Academy on the planet was all that she ever knew. She gained the initial training required and at the age of 15 she was accepted as the apprentice of one of the higher ranked masters of the order.
Their first mission was on Taris and this was the mission in which Kian should be forged into a tool for the order and in which she'd lose her innocence and softness. They were to create a new academy for the Sith beneath the surface of the planet. In the process citizens of Taris were kidnapped, to do the construction work.
She does not really remember much from what happened that caused the death of her master. She remembers waking up to the sound of lightsabers clashing and seeing her master fighting another, apparently one of the Jedi. When she woke up she was outside the temple, which had been destroyed in the battle.

Note: Yes, Kian is a Sith, yet she's young and isn't really corrupted yet, although her master tried to shape her into a monster, but she's a teenager and does not take well to others trying to command her around. She will be acting more by her emotions rather than being all emotionless, but that's really the only difference between herself and a Jedi. Her background ties up with Stryke, who came with a Jedi master to investigate. I hope this is acceptable.[/SBLOCK]


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Sure. What kind of bending do you want?

Heavy emphasis at force powers. I don't know how good is this, and whether I would be able to fare well against eventual lightsaber sith, but hell, I prefer a character with more style and depth, rather than a fighting monstruosity.

Str 14 +2
Dex 10 +0
Con 8 -1
Int 12 +1
Wis 16 +3
Cha 14 +2

Hit points: 29

Reflex: 12
Fortitude: 11
Will: 15

Damage threshold: 10

Force sensitivity
Weapon Proficiency (lightsaber)
Weapon Proficiency (simple weapons)
Talent: Deflect
Feat: Skill focus (Use the Force)
Feat: Force Training (move object, force disarm, mind trick, force thrust)

1) Use the force +12 (+5 trained, +5 skill focus, +2 charisma)
2) Acrobatics +5 (+5 trained)
3) Knowledge (galactic lore) +6 (+5 trained, +1 intelligence)
4) Initiative +5 (+5 trained)

Lightsaber (Attack: +3 , 2d8+3 damage)

Jedi red and gold colored robe

Credit chip: 100 credits
Basic datapad: 100 credits
Comlink, short range: 25 credits
2 glowrods: 20 credits
All -temperature cloak: 100 credits
Breath mask+2 atmosphere canisters/filters: 250 gp
Syntherope (45 meters): 20 credits
10 ration packs: 50 credits

Credits left: 535

I'd like you to come up with what is inside my head and what was that temple. I'd rather like to be something ancient and strange, not "just" the "usual" crazed Sith.
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Hmm...do we have need of an Outlaw Tech? I had one in a previous Saga game that went belly-up who was a lot of fun.

Also, what's the time frame here? You mention the Sith War, but not the 'Jedi Civil War.'


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Sounds very interesting. Is this after Revan's begun recruiting Jedi to his cause? If it is, put me down as a Revanchist Jedi Padawan. If not, I'll be a Republic soldier.


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Since my former SW game fell apart, I'd like to rework my character to this game.

He'll be a Tarisian noble with Force-Pike training. Maybe have connections as a Republic officer-in-training. I'll probably play him with the standard Taris anti-alien sentiments at first, open to learning that aliens ARE, in fact, people too.

I will take some time to re-work him up.

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