[Recruiting] stonegod's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft [Eberron, 3.5]


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The Thaliost Six was not prepared for what had found them in the remote wilderness of the Morr Mountains. A plague of undead that caused all who fell to them to rise again and continue to hunger. Wolves stalk the woods, and there are tales of a dark ritual by witches to summon an evil power. And above it all, the Curse that started at the dread Castle lingers.

IC: Ch. I, Ch. II | OOC: Ch. I, Ch. II | RG

My Eberron Expedition to Castle Ravenloft game is recruiting again! We have lost our big-boom druid and are looking for a AoE replacement type character. Recruiting is a bit constrained as the valley is a closed environment. See the details below for more info.

One PCs to join the extant group of four. Character level will be 7th. Looking for an AoE type character: Big-Boom druid, wizard, or artificer.

An Eberron mystery and horror themed campaign based upon the recently released Expedition to Castle Ravenloft. Important: If you have played the original I6 (Castle Ravenloft) let me know as there are strong similarities (but important differences) between the two!

I try post at minimum once ever other day, with one post per day a goal for me. This is to keep the game flowing and interest/momentum high. Players should endeavor to be able to follow a similar once-per or every-other day routine with the expectation that I will NPC inactive players (especially in combat). I will only strongly consider folks with a strong track record of keeping with adventures!

Here, of course! Here being ENWorld.

Replacement for dropped out players.

Recruitment is limited to the NPCs or base background listed below. Other than the guidelines listed, feel free to expand or tweak as you see fit (subject to final approval). This is to make sure the PC fits with the current storyline. Possible choices:

- Returning Shaman (Druid) A former leader of the reclusive shifter population (that was turned into werewolved and corrupted by a mad fey in the area), the shaman seeks out those that freed their people though at terrible cost. Seeks to end the Curse in the valley as revenge for the corruption of its people. Focus should be on AoE like effects, not single combat (we have takes for that).

- Time to Step Up (Artificer) One of the artificers supporting the Expedition's caravan, your character has seen too much death and tragedy. The character is upset for some reason with the caravan's leaders and seeks out the PCs to do what is needed. Should be blastificer build.

- Rebel Witch (Wizard) Your family had always studied less savory arts in the Valley, though not openly enough to be persecuted. Then some of your group or enemies of them were corrupted by the Green Lady's mad scheme to summon a fiend to break the curse. Knowing the others in the village would see you no different from them, you seek the PCs to "clear your name" and perhaps put an end to the dangers in the valley if they are mad enough to do so.

If someone suggests a background that fits one of the three types of character, I will consider it but the choices above are strongly preferred over others.

Submitting Concepts
To submit for a slot, please let me know who you would choose and how you would make the character your own (i.e., quirks, distinguishing abilities, etc.). Do not provide a character sheet, just a concept sketch. In addition, provide a link to any games you have played in or run here on ENWorld, if any. All of these together will help paint a picture of your overall concept and how it would be executed. Keep in mind the Eberron-feel of your concepts, though players with no knowledge of Eberron can be brought up to speed as necessary.

Character Creation
To simplify the creation of concepts, the following will be allowed during final character creation: Core, the Complete Series (including Complete Mage), the PHBII, the DMGII, all Eberron books, and Heroes of Horror. However, do not dwell too much on mechanics at this stage. Try not to go with too esoteric of a concept unless you can really justify it. Keep in mind that this game will not involve the Dreaming Dark, making Kalashtar and their ilk a hard sell.

Decision Process
Players will be picked based upon the cohesion of the concepts to form a group, and the "fun-to-play-with" factor of the ideas.

I will hold recruitment open at least a week.

Looking forward to it!
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Okay. Here is my current idea.

Rebel "Witch": Quinton former scholar of Morgrave University, now unofficial member of the witches.

Quinton journeyed to the valley long many years ago. As part of his final thesis at Morgrave, he was to seek out an isolated group of arcane magic users, earn their trust, join their ranks, and work among them, studying how their ideas, rituals and practices were different from those in a non-isolated society. Upon completion of the task, he was to return to Morgrave with his findings and complete his graduatory studies. When the current events began to unfold, Quinton studied them fervishly, hoping to gain more insight into what was happening. When his friends starting being corrupted, Quinton took a more active role, using his knowledge of the area and plans to start to unravel what he could. He wanted his friends back, and if we ever to escape from the valley alive, whatever power caused all this needed to be stopped.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
The one fundamental problem w/ that background is that the Valley (via the Curse) only lets the people it wants in, and I have very strong story reasons to limit that (outsiders only appeared within the last year, and the a very chosen few... which is all I can say about that). Pretty much all but the artificer are going to have to be natives to the valley.

Which isn't to say that those in the valley haven't heard things about the outside, though they are very distorted and nth-hand (via the Visanti, an untrusted bunch of scoundrels that seem to be able to come and go as they please). So its possible your witch may have heard something about the outside and developed some sort of longing for it, but being from Mograve isn't going to work very well in this scenario (other than the artificer, who'd probably have stronger ties to the Twelve initially, as they sponsor the caravan).


First Post
Hmmm....How long has the curse been effect? If he was there 10-15 years, would it work? Perhaps the curse is something that kept him from leaving?

thinking of the paragnostic apostle class from CC. sort of knowledge seeking, thus the morgrave background.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Hmmm....How long has the curse been effect? If he was there 10-15 years, would it work? Perhaps the curse is something that kept him from leaving?
Since before Galifar was formed. Don't think your character is that old. ;)

thinking of the paragnostic apostle class from CC. sort of knowledge seeking, thus the morgrave background.
Hrm. Haven't looked at the Comp. Champion stuff in too much detail, so I can't confirm or deny it at this time. My inclination is no currently (to keep things fair with the rest of the party (which is pre-Comp. Champ.) but I'll review it.

Walking Dad

First Post
I don't want to steal EKB's slot, but Ravenloft was one of my favorite 2nd edition settimgs (the other was Dark Sun) and Eberron my favorite 3rd.

Could the witch spot be mechanically filled by a sorcerer or warmage?

Artificer would be very interesting, too. But I never build a "blastificer" before.

For my other games, use the PBP link in my sig.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Just to be clear: Expedition to Ravenloft != Ravenloft CS. This is strongly tied to Eberron, though it is is a forgotten corner of it. And I've made my own tweaks.

The "witch" spot could be filled with either, though I'd be hesitant about the warmage due to its militaristic background (and having no such infrastructure like that in Barovia). Wizard or sorcerer could work well (with the tradeoff of lack of as open utility for the sorc, of course).

Blastificers just focus on the metamagic route, than the building constructs/lots of items route. Still need to make some items (wands) to blast with, of course.

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