[Recruiting] stonegod's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft [Eberron, 3.5]

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First Post
@Evo, r1: See my recent post in the OOC thread. Hopefully it contains some useful info for you both.


@Evo: A suggestion for you to consider once we have all met IC, in game: We actually have a large number of 'group' scrolls floating around with various members of the group. Since you are able to use them to expand your spell list, I figured it worth mentioning. In particular both Tessa and Marot have scrolls as follows:
  • Tessa: scroll(lesser restoration), scroll(1st; endure elements, comprehend languages), scroll(3rd; lesser restoration, augury, gentle repose, zone of truth), scroll(3rd; healing lorecall, divine insight, dark way), scroll(6th; find traps, spiritual weapon, water breathing), scroll(5th; remove disease, invisibility purge, locate object, remove curse)
  • Marot: scroll(restoration, break enchantment, remove disease)
Naturally obtaining access to those scrolls should be done in game ;)


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New player

Are you still taking new players ?

I'd like to pitch in. I'll check for any response on monday.

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