Rel's Faded Glory II (Thanks Old One) Final Update 7/14


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That don't impress me much :)

In my campaign I've used a two-headed true ghoul owlbear (went down easily), an advanced skeletal Umber Hulk (nasty critter), and finally a vampiric greater doppelganger (Wheee - killed by plot device).


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Yup, he's a bastard

And what level were we at this point oh bastard, my bastard? I believe that paragon of half-orcishness, Scar (my boy!), was 4th, Raven was also 4th, and Speaks was probably 5th. Unless we were 5,5, and 6. I can't remember - too much blood under the bridge since then...

Yeah, we were pretty close to T'DM'K that night.


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Heh, I feel for your players Rel, lol, I play a cleric in Brocs campaign and I have nothing but sympathy for Speaks, all that combat , all those sessions in one game day with no rest to refresh healing spells and it's worse for Speaks because unlike a Cleric he can't channel the unused spells in his repotoire into needed and usefull healing for the party. Then just when they thought 'hey were gonna get a chance to sleep and rest a little' WHAM!!! 3 Ogre skeletons catch em nappin in their jammys, lol, your a hard hard man Rel.

As a side note why do the not sleep in their armor ? A player can sleep in armor with an armor check penalty up to -4 with no penalties upon awaking the next day. In our group everyone has learned to sleep in there armor with the exception of our paladin who normally wears full plate, and we bought her a mithril shirt to sleep in just for ocassions like this one. Ahh well just a thought
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Good to have your comments, TLC! And let me take this opportunity to appologize profusely for the rough treatment Scar and the others recieved in this portion of the campaign. Let me assure you that at such time as we resume that campaign that the really tough encounters will be tickle fights with the herd of nymphs who will flock to the region and that after every encounter there will be fluffly towels and free Rods of Lordly Might for everyone!

(The Lone Corndog is currently DMing our group and after a near TPK in the first adventure, I'm sucking up every chance I get.)

I am almost positive that the group was 5th, 5th and 6th level respectively at that point. Regardless, I cringe to think of the total CR of the Temple encounters I threw at you in a single day. But, it was supposed to be a climactic encounter full of dread and near the limits of the party's endurance. I'd say it met that goal.

One quick point, Malachai_Rose: Although the party was completely out of spells at this point, they still had their twin Wands of Cure Extremely Light Wounds (so named because it was a rare thing for them to roll above a 3 when they used them). So even though they were beat down and out of offensive spells, they still had the capability to have decent hit point if they wanted to burn some charges off the wands. As I recall, they used enough to assure that they were all in the double digits (which wasn't the case after that last fight with the druids) but after that decided to try and conserve the charges on the wands.

As far as the armor situation goes, perhaps I overstated the case when I described them as scrambling for their armor. Scar was on watch and wore a chain shirt, so he was fine in any case (especially since he only slept 2 hours a night thanks to his Ring of Sustanance). Speaks slept in his hide armor too. It was Raven and his full plate armor who was hastily shoving it into his Hewards Handy Haversack. Perhaps if he survives the encounter, he will do something to remedy that problem...

Tony Vargas

Rel said:
It was Raven and his full plate armor who was hastily shoving it into his Hewards Handy Haversack. Perhaps if he survives the encounter, he will do something to remedy that problem...

Well, you could be nice and let a character in full plate strip off most of the articulated fiddly bits and be left with something equivalent to Breastplate armor... the masterwork version of which just slides in under the check penalty required to be able to rest in it... The other alternative is the "chain shirt nightie..." ;)


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Tony Vargas said:

Well, you could be nice and let a character in full plate strip off most of the articulated fiddly bits and be left with something equivalent to Breastplate armor... the masterwork version of which just slides in under the check penalty required to be able to rest in it... The other alternative is the "chain shirt nightie..." ;)

That's not a bad idea. I probably would have gone for it if Raven's player had suggested it (it was MW platemail in fact). Hindsight is 20/20 however...

I'm going to do my level best to get an update posted tonight. I don't have time right now since the baby is about to wake up from her nap. If I can't make it tonight, it might be a couple of days because we play tomorrow night.

But I promise not to be nearly as tardy as before.


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Good to have you aboard, Mahiro Satsu. And thanks for the compliment.

Well, I managed to put together another update. After this, I've got an info dump that is pre-written so I should be able to update at least one more time this week. A big thanks for the various "welcome back" posts I've had and I appologize again for keeping you waiting so long.

All Hope Is Lost

It only took a moment for the party to realize that this was a battle they could not win. Still battered from their trials in the Temple, almost completely without spells, against an enemy with the initiative who was likely prepared for the fight and well suited for fighting in that terrain: It was no contest.

The only question was whether they would be able to flee fast enough and hide well enough to avoid the battle. The group almost instinctively turned east, the direction in which lay their closest ally, Great Root. But before they had taken more than a handful of steps, the night filled with a blaze of light as a Wall of Fire blocked their disengagement.

The skeletons continued their pursuit and began to close the distance on Raven who’s dwarven legs were strong, but short. They turned to their right hoping to make it around the end of the blazing barrier. If they could, perhaps they could even use it to keep the skeletons at bay for a moment or two while they gained some distance.

Speaks, who was in the lead at this point, skidded to a halt on the leafy forest floor as another Wall of Fire sprang up just in front of him. Together, the pair of walls formed a narrow “V” with the party near the intersection of the two. The only way out was back into the ambush.

“Time to die,” muttered Scar to himself as he tightened his grip on his hammer. He turned and strode several steps to put himself beside Raven who was also coming to the realization that this was one fight they wouldn’t be walking away from. He gripped his own hammer and readied his shield, which seemed a feeble barrier between him and the approaching skeletons. “Been a pleasure fightin’ aside ya’,” grunted Raven, “Now lets see to it that they pay blood for blood.”

Speaks saw his companions make their stand and a conflict settled into his soul. He reached down and felt the power of the wild within himself and knew that if he chose, he could transform into an eagle and take to the sky. Returning to Great Root and defending the forests from whatever further evils would be perpetrated by the Dark Druids was too important a task to let himself die in a futile attempt to win this battle. But doing so would mean abandoning his companions to certain death and, from the looks of it, likely reanimation into undead. He decided to at least try and give them a chance.

Scar noticed Speaks come up behind him and felt a few of his wounds soothed by the magic of the wand the Druid used on him. There was little time for thanks as the first of the skeletons came within range and the night dissolved into chaos. Scar ducked under the first blow aimed at him and stepped forward to deliver a well placed hammer blow that shattered half the skeleton’s ribcage. Raven stepped to the side to intercept the next skeleton and was rattled by a sharp blow from one of the undead creature’s huge hands.

Scar managed to evade another strike from the skeleton but the other hand caught him in a glancing blow nearly knocking him from his feet. He retaliated and his next shot connected with the skeleton’s spine, just above the pelvis. The skeleton fell in two pieces and did not rise. Scar moved quickly to support Raven who had also managed to land a blow, cracking one of the leg bones of the skeletal ogre he fought.

Speaks moved in, braving an off handed swipe by the creature to deliver a bit of healing magic to Raven from the wand. Speaks saw that the third ogre was bearing down on them and also caught some other movement further back in the woods. Lithe forms moved confidently toward them, illuminated by the walls of fire.

Raven took a firm blow on his shield that knocked his breath out for a moment and he staggered back from the skeleton. Scar struck with his hammer but missed his mark. It was clear that Raven would be down after one more hit, and with the other skeleton closing in, the battle would be over soon. Perhaps then he would finally get some rest.

A flash of movement swept through the battle and where Raven had stood a moment before, there was nothing. Scar had no time to determine what had happened but Speaks looked up and lit from below by the twin walls of fire imprisoning them was the beautiful form of an enormous owl. “Great Root!” Speaks exclaimed, “Great Root has sent help!”

Scar was otherwise occupied and did not share in the Druid’s celebration. He struck again at the skeletal ogre and smashed through both legs, bringing the creature low. He took a few more steps back toward Speaks and was about to call out for an explanation of what had happened to Raven when a large form swept from the night sky and a giant pair of talons tried to grab him. Scar’s reflexes took over and he hit the ground and rolled to his feet, evading the huge avian.

“No!” Cried Speaks. “They’re here to help us! Go with them! We can still escape!” Speaks backed further into the wedge formed by the fire walls as he yelled to Scar.

Scar continued to backpedal, keeping his distance from the next skeleton and trying to decide what to do. Knowing that they faced the Dark Druids, going willingly into the clutches of a giant bird seemed imprudent. But, he had nearly been killed by skeletons several times already within the last day. May as well try a new way to die. Scar continued to back toward the terminal tip of the wedge, feeling his arms grow hot as the pair of fiery walls closed in on him. He held his arms out to the side in a pose of surrender.

A moment later, it felt like a wagon hit him as the world turned upside down and his legs were burned from dragging through the top of one of the fire walls. When his head stopped spinning, he was sailing beneath an enormous pair of silently beating wings while the treetops glided below, lit by the soft moonlight. The world was peaceful for a moment. Then, up ahead, he heard Raven cursing his winged savior in the way that only someone who had never been more than four feet off the ground could. Scar smiled and tried to enjoy the ride.

Speaks backed himself to the very tip of the wedge and could see the skeletal ogre charging him. He had only moments and he focused on his inner wild and felt his body start to change. Just as his vocal chords went from those of a human to those of an eagle, he spoke aloud, “This doesn’t end here.”

A second later, he was rocketing into the night, hoping his weary wings would carry him eastward until dawn broke over the horizon.

NEXT: Rest and fluffy towels.
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