Review: The Sleeping Beast (Star Trek Adventures, Klingon GM Screen)

Jared Rascher

What Do I Know About Reviews? The Sleeping Beast

This was a little odd, because I wanted to look at the adventure that came with the GM screen, even though the GM screen itself is . . . very much like the GM screen for the Star Trek Adventures game with Klingon font and images.

I really wanted to get a look at what Modiphius felt a Klingon adventure would look like, and if it had enough commonalities with Star Trek in general to feel "familiar but different."

Let me know what you think, if you take a look. Thanks!
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aramis erak

Well, feedback item #1: your link is configured wrong - clicking it pops the article title, not the URL, while it shows the URL instead of the title in the thread...

Feedback item 2: you mention the original STA screen, but not if it has an adventure.

otherwise, an interesting review which may just cause a pdf sale...

Jared Rascher

Fixed. Sorry about that.

The original STA screen did not have an adventure included with it. I suspect this may have been due to fact that the Klingon Core Book may not get the "starter set" treatment.

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