Revised Monk clarification


No idea about 3-way. I'd guess LA+3 (not LA 4, because the overlapping should get significant), but by the time you're gestalting 3-way, I think things start getting homogeneous... as in, all the characters are basically the same. Everyone will have at least a d10 HD, everyone will have all good saves, everyone will have full BAB, everyone will be a spellcaster, etc. Doesn't sound interesting to me.

Note that PrCs can only be used as ONE portion of a gestalt, and the rest must be base classes. Racial HD takes up all parts of the gestalt (due to the augment clause).

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As we are discussing Monk, I wonder If my monk is of bigger size than Large what would it be is damage at level 20 ? I come to these result im I right ?

So a Monk of Large Size with 7 Virtual Rank (from Strength) will be considered Micro-tiny (48d8 per Attack ?) Sound like quite a lot comparing to weapon.

Medium			2d10
Large			4d8
Huge			6d8
Gargantuan		8d8
Colossal		12d8
Titanic			16d8
Macro-Fine		24d8
Macro-Diminutive	32d8
Macro-Tiny		48d8
Macro-Small		64d8
Macro-Medium		96d8
Macro-Large		128d8
Macro-Huge		192d8
Macro-Gargantuan	256d8
Macro-Colossal		384d8
Macro-Titanic		512d8
Mega-Fine		768d8


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Yes. The damage progression, like everything else except weight and carrying capacity, is a linear progression, not exponential like your table. You're wrong.


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/me shudders at your amazing wit.

Japes aside, if you're discussing things in this forum, it would be prudent to adhere to the rules of the system this forum is discussing.

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