Pathfinder 2E [RG] JM's "Doomsday Dawn" Rogues' Gallery

Charwoman Gene

Name: Siobhan
A/B/C: Human Scholar Ranger 4
Align: CG, Deity: Irori
Languages: Common, Elvish, Sylvan
Perception: +7 (E)
AC: 22 TAC: 20
HP: 52/52, Resonance: 4/4
Speed: 25(30)ft, Hero Points: 1

STR 14 +2, DEX 18 +4, CON 12 +1
INT 10 +0, WIS 14 +2, CHA 10 +0

FORT +6 (E), REF +9 (E), WILL +7 (E)

Composite Shortbow +8 1d6+1 p 60ft. (Deadly d10, propulsive)
Short sword +8 1d6+2 p (Agile, finesse, versatile S)
Dagger +8 1d4+2 p (Agile, finesse, thrown 10 ft, versatile s)

Acrobatics +6 (T) -2 Armor
Arcana +0 (U)
Athletics +4 (T) -2 Armor
Crafting +0 (U)
Deception +0 (U)
Diplomacy +0 (U)
Intimidation +0 (U)
Lore (Academia) +5 (T)
Medicine +6 (T)
Nature +7 (E)
Occultism +0 (U)
Performance +0 (U)
Religion +2 (U)
Society +0 (U)
Stealth +6 (T) -2 Armor
Survival +6 (T)
Thievery +4 (U) -2 Armor

Light (T)
Medium (T)
Simple (T)
Martial (T)
Simple Bows (E)
Martial Bows (E)

Forager [General 1]
Incredible Initiative [General 1]
Assurance(Nature) [General 1]
Hunted Shot [Ranger 1]
Favored Aim [Ranger 2]
Battle Medic [General 1]
Fleet [General 1]
Scout's Warning [Ranger 4]
Natural Medicine [General 2]

Class Features
Hunt Target
Hunter's Edge (Precision)
Weapon Expertise (Bows)

Equipment (Bulk 6 L 1)
Scale Mail +1
Sleep Arrow
Light Arrow
Everburning torch
Composite Shortbow
Arrows (50)
Dagger (2)
Climbing Kit
FLint and steel
Grappling hook
Healer's Tools
Rations (5)
Silk rope (100')
Tent (Pup)

53sp, 4cp

Description/History/EtcSiobhan was a daughter of a well-to-do Merchant in a prosperous city. She despaired of her life choices preferring the company of books or plants and animals. She took up an apprenticeship at a school of advanced learning, but found her greatest dtrength was fieldwork. She has never looked back.

ancestry: Boost: Dex, Str; Flaw: --; Heritage: Versatile[Feat: Fleet]; Feat: Incredible Initiative
background: Boost: Dex, Wis; Feat:Assurance(Nature); Skill: Lore(Academia)
abilities: Boost: Dex, Str, Wis, Con
1: Boost: Dex; Hunter's Edge(Precision); Ranger Feat: Hunted Shot
2: Ranger Feat: Favored Aim; Skill Feat: Battle Medic
3: General Feat: Forager; Skill Increase: Nature; Weapon Expertise: Bows
4: Ranger Feat: Scout's Warning; Skill Feat: Natural Medicine

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