ZEITGEIST RHC unit names?


In the players guide, it says: "Approximately twenty constables are active in the Royal Homeland Constabulary’s Flint directorate" and "Assistant Chief Inspector Stover Delft oversees four units of constables". So it would appear that there should normally be four "units" of five Constables each. In your game are they called units, or squads, detachments, or something else? I'm curious if anyone had found a way of identifying the four units; whether with official designations or unofficial nicknames.

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I called them Teams, but it never really came up in my campaign. Below are the notes I put down in case it did crop up, I think they're mostly pulled from various spots in the modules, as well as some discussions on the forums. I had the B team survive the trip to Axis Island, and if I ever restart my Zeit campaign I'll just have the party tackle everything on the island themselves.

A Team, Most experienced team (4 man group):
You don't know anything about this team, you believe they've been operating on foreign soil for a while.

B Team, More experienced team (4 man group) - This team is the apple of the bosses eye, and while he always gets a bit happy when talking about them... he refuses to say what they're doing without a nod or a wink that it's 'important'. (They've been operating out of Shale investigating the history of the Voice of Rot, one of the Risur Fey Titans that was rumored to have recently awakened):
  • Tanya. Half-elf druid with a hound companion. Leader of the group, confident but cautious. Double-checks everyone’s armor and gear before a major OP.
  • Letmas. Human mage who is excellent at faking accents. Likes to slip away to make tea during briefings while an illusion of himself stays behind.
  • Seven-Foot Dan. Towering human gladiator with a spiked chain. A veteran of the Fourth Yerasol War. Offers to give lessons in “breaking stuff,” and carries a bag full of bricks and wooden boards for that purpose.
  • Burton. Goblin spy who carries a fancy surgical kit containing many varieties of daggers, knives, saws, and scalpels. According to Letmas, Burton once camped out in a Danoran latrine for three hours to get a shot at the commander of an enemy company. Ever since, he’s worn an amulet that constantly cleans him as the spell prestidigitation.

C Team, Slightly more experienced (6 man group) - First half for player knowledge, second half PC's may uncover in time. They play a critical role in Adventure 5, so don't kill them off. (This group is assigned to investigate a group of Drakran occultists who have recently gained the ears of several politicians. The RHC suspects they are trying to recover relics from the old Demonocracy.)
  • Carlao, human Yerasol veteran knight - nominal head of the group. Veteran of the Fourth Yerasol War who proudly wears his plate armor even in the city. (He’s some thing of a director’s pet, and acts as Saxby’s trusted aide).
  • Serena, human technologist assassin - Serena is the brains and face of the team. A tinkerer who often crafts gadgets useful for spying and “wet works,” but is surprisingly cheery, seeing all female constables as her sisters.
  • Kaea, high elf (actually an eladrin) skyseer wizard (evoker) - Gets along with Serena (and vicer versa) like sisters, but both have their eyes on Carlao. (Widely distrusted by the local fey and druids after she went undercover among the skyseers to expose a Vekeshi murderer).
  • Dima, dwarf eschatologist cleric - Has a bizarre joy and unhealthy fondness for filing paperwork and reports.
  • Josiah, human gunslinger - Fills the stock role of “quiet loner sniper". Constantly fiddling with his rifle when he’s not on mission seducing people of interest.
  • Gaethan, half-elf spirit medium ranger - Styles himself a cunning investigator, and he keeps a small book full of names of just about every person, place, or thing that has come up in a case. (His ability to speak with the dead has made him a bit addled and unreliable, having to carry a notebook to remind himself of his daily affairs).

D Team, our scrappy band of PCs

And if it matters, I also gave Letmas the following spells in his spell book:
Level 1 Spell: Alarm, Burning Hands, Color Spray, Disguise Self, Mirror Image, Pyrotechnics, Read Language
Level 2 Spell: Alter Self, Arcane Lock, Blur, Fear, Invisibility
Level 3 Spell: Animate Dead, Bestow Curse, Blink, Clairvoyance, Fear, Hypnotic Pattern
Level 4 Spell: Arcane Eye, Banishment, Greater Invisibility, Hallucinatory Terrain


I did the same; pulling in the expendable team of NPC constables from the first adventure to bolster the headcount in the Flint office, while adding a few more of my own creation. I also gave each listed NPC a surname since they were oddly lacking them and that seemed strange in such an formal organization.

It seems natural that the teams would be assigned designations within the RHC; though 1, 2, 3 and 4 or A, B, C and D or alpha, beta, gamma and delta, or primus, secundus, tertius and quartus seems hierarchical and indicative of favouritism that'd sow resentment internally. Plus it just sounds rather uninspiring.

Another idea I had was to assign each team an internal leader and have the team referred to by that Constable's name (ex: Carlao's Team); usually whichever has the highest combination of Charisma / Persuasion within each group.

Alternatively, I was considering thinking of various concepts that Risurans would naturally find inspiring or traditional; like naming each group after one of the base elements (ex.: Team Earth, Team Fire), visible planets (Team Avilona, Team Jiesse), or stellar constellations (Team Archer, Team Dragon), or simply colours (ex: Blue Team, Red Team).


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