D&D General Richard Whitters poll on twitter, "Will you be buying the newest edition of D&D?"


Pretty sure WotC never said there won't ever be another edition change.

Just that one of the main people working on the game thought it'd be a good idea to have more stable editions than there had been in the past, in a 2012 interview.

Which is something they're continuing with. This "5.2" edition or whatever isn't being sold as a huge change that's going to fix what's wrong with all games, but as a tweaking and a refinement mostly on the places that weren't working super great 10 years go. That's the presentation, and that seems to be the truth (based on remarks about character and adventure compatibility and even monster design).

So, I don't think there's a lie there. Heck, even if they had planned to release a full 6e this year, I don't think there'd be a lie. That one guy still could've thought it was a good idea at the time.

People hear what they want to hear.

Eg to play the type of character you want if you're a fan of OSR/3E/4E. People took that to mean they would copy those editions.

What they were saying is here's a variety of complexity archetypes you can layer more complexity on via feats.

They never claimed they were copying an edition.

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People have NEVER done that (admit they're wrong).

That's why mistakes keep getting repeated ...

I actually will admit I was wrong once ......

There was this one time long, long ago where I thought I was wrong about something but I was wrong about that, I was really right about it. :p


If I had to make a prediction then I’d say it’s possible to get another boom of growth.

Especially if CR and Stranger Things and PAX and the next Movie can market it.
Stranger Things has one more upcoming season left. It's not as if D&D can rely on that show forever for bumps of growth.


Are you ready to remember to track conditions on every opponent? (Orc A is stunned; Orc B has persistent bleed damage; Orc C is prone; etc.) Because I've been doing that junk in PF2 and 4E for the past 2 years, and I'm sick of it.
You could make (or wait for someone else to make) Condition/status tokens to help you out.
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The Laughing One
I wouldn't have said that, but especially after 2023 I certainly can't think of any reasonable reason to treat WotC like they deserve anything better. They've demonstrated multiple times that they are not to be trusted... so why would anyone feel obligated to trust them?
WotC/Hasbro don't deserve anything. They are a (big) corporation, they have been for over a decade, with many different people working there, all with different visions. 'Trusting' a group of people you don't know and knowing that group of people will continue to change in composition is the pinnacle of foolishness imho. Just as with any corp, you don't trust, you use, just like they use you.

I didn't like WotC/Hasbro before the OGL shenanigans, I don't like them after. But that doesn't stop me from buying their books. Or are you not driving your car because you don't like the oil company?

'Promises' made by people that don't have a final say in the matter, says more about you then about the people making the promises. And even if it's people that have final say, those will also leave in the future and/or things will change in culture, technology or even the economy. That the OGL lasted for as long as it did, with it's architect already, long, long gone, was a minor miracle!

It also doesn't help that the RPG media gave their own interpretation on what was exactly said or what the fan's interpretation of that is...


That the OGL lasted for as long as it did, with it's architect already, long, long gone, was a minor miracle!
I would distinguish between WotC stopping to provide new SRDs under the OGL (as they did with 4e) and attempting to ‘destroy’ the OGL

The former could have happened at any time, I did not expect them to try to ever invalidate the OGL

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