D&D General Richard Whitters poll on twitter, "Will you be buying the newest edition of D&D?"

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I voted "no" on that poll. Not because I think the new rules will be bad or anything, just because I'm entirely burnt out on core 5e as a game and I don't see anything about the new rules that will fix that for me. I've been playing 5e since it came out and, frankly, I'm just bored to tears with it. It's time for me to play new (or at least different) things now.


I don't participate in X/Twitter. Buying the DMG, but not intending to get the PHB or MM. I will be taking a close look at them though, so I may end up changing my mind down the road. My wife is intending to buy the books though, despite my protests against doing so. Most of my other gaming friends are waiting until our current campaign games finish before considering buying (that's at least 5 others, 3 friends just use online sources and don't buy the books).


I'll take Bruce Vilanch for the block...

I agree!

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