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Bari snorts as he sees the answer, . o O ( I was just about to write that... ) then blinks as he spots the note to him. . o O ( Who the hell's Trin... and how does he know my name? ) He then winces, . o O ( Or my calligraphy, wich is just scarier... ) He then shakes his head and strolls out.


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Elf_Ariel said:
They say:
It's now
It's then
It's when
It's edible
It's sweet
It's fun
It's sociable
It's together

what is it?

The first clue: This riddle comes in three parts... 3-2-3. Mind though, 'tis but a word in answer.


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The honey golden haired woman smiles and writes a response to the three part riddle.
She chuckles, not really serious about the answer, but figuring it's worth a try.

Epic Threats

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