D&D 5E rogue-bladesinger?

The Nomadic

It sounds to me the initial question goes to Auburn as proved both by them and Flamestrike that a Bladesinger is fully capable of surviving as a front line player. I know this is essentially two years later so sorry for reopening something that appears to have died but can’t help myself lol

The scenarios seem bent away from Auburn though as Flamestrike appears to DM in a meta sort of way. How does all the monsters know the BS is hard to hit by only attacking from afar (which is safe for them) and fleeing to get backup when they can only see one small elf, maybe a second player behind her at most. They would have numbers and logically only one would run for back up while the rest rushed the small elf that just stood in the doorway. From a monster’s perspective it’s possible she froze out of fear and they’d be emboldened by that thought.

It just seems like Flamestrike wants to be right and will shape the scenario as DM to make him right. Personally I think Bladesingers make great mobile casters to set up their spells. This makes them more like Crowd Controlling Tacticians that can go toe to toe long enough to get their plan off. This makes them completely viable in my eyes on the front line. Being stuck in standard roles of the warrior, the rouge, the mage etc etc makes for a game that plays out the same way as every story you ever hear. Pretty boring. Job as a DM is to take your players PC play styles and build around it in the best way for fun and story. Not to punish them for not being how you think they should be. At that point you should play by yourself and write a book. To each their own I suppose. Just wanted to leave my own scrambled thoughts here

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