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RPG Survey, What Does It Take For You To Pick Up a New Edition?

Jared Rascher

I've been looking at different RPG topics on my blog:


Last week I looked at the tried and true topic of alignment, but this week I wanted to look at what it takes for RPG consumers to pick up a new edition of an RPG.

If you are so inclined, please swing by the survey and let me know what you think:

RPG Edition Survey

Next Friday I'll be taking a look at the answers that I have received, and summarizing the responses on my blog. Thanks for your time!

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A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
25 years apparently. I went from AD&D to 5e. Though for most of that time was not playing any TTRPGs.

But I just don't see myself buying a new set of books for D&D. I have enough material for decades of play for 5e.

If there is a 6e and it is backward compatible and just a bit cleaned up, I might buy core rules, at least on D&D Beyond. If it is a significant departure requiring rules conversion for existing modules, than, no. I'm set with 5e and have a number of other systems I would like to run. I just would have no interest in another version of D&D.


I find that it really varies, depending on my feelings about the current edition of the game. If I think the current version is mostly fine, then I’ll get a new edition that makes a few improvements here and there (or maybe just if I have the cash), but won’t by a paradigm shifting game. But if I think the current edition is fundamentally flawed, then I’ll only get the new edition if it’s massively different.


Moderator Emeritus
I've bought every edition after 1E soon after it came out except for 5E, which I have just been playing a year. I only bought 4E to try it out, but ended up giving away the books soon after because I was moving and knew I'd never try it again.

Lord Mhoram

I noted this on the survey too, but for me a new edition is a "new game" that I will look at - but if I like a previous edition, there is a pretty good chance that the new edition will bring a similar play experience - aside from the "completely re-invent the game" editions, and those can either be much better or much worse.

Jared Rascher

Thanks to everyone that has responded so far. I really appreciate it. I'll post a link to the summary article when everything is closed up on Friday.

I am taking note of people that want multiple options for future poll structures. I appreciate the input.

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