D&D 5E Ruins of Adventure [IC]

On the northern shores of the great Moonsea lies the old city of Phlan. Once, it was a major trade city; a common stop on the road between Melvaunt to the east and Hillsfar to the south.

Unfortunately, it was also close to Zhentil Keep, and had to constantly protect itself from the dangerous maneuvering of the Zhentarim.

In the year 1306 DR, a flight of evil dragons and their hordes of monsters laid siege to the city of Old Phlan, destroying all of the defenders before taking residence. It’s taken almost 50 years for the children and grandchildren of those brave defenders to return and carve out a small area to resettle.

Now, the safest approach to New Phlan is by boat. From Hillsfar, it is just a short day’s journey to the sparsely populated civilized section of the city.

The boat trip across is uneventful. During the night, you all get to learn how the Moonsea gets its name; the moon shining through the ever-present fog that covers the sea at night causes the mists to glow with an almost eerie radiance. Early the following morning, you pass the abandoned Thorn Island, home to Sokol Keep.

As the sun rises, the mists fade, and you get your first glimpse of New Phlan. The civilized district is small; you can just make out the docks, a couple of small temples, and various buildings that could be shops or homes. Surrounding this small corner of civilization is a high stone wall; several guards can be seen roaming along the top.

As your boat moves closer, you can just barely make out a faint, foul odor…like meat that has been out in the sun too long. You hear the captain, mutter a quick “Fah…damned poison river” under his breath as he guides the boat over to the small docks.

Disembarking, you look around to see the other travelers who were on the boat with you…a few merchants, a weary family, and a few other individuals who could be aspiring adventurers.

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First Post
A tall, proud, and clearly well worn adventurer stands to the port side of the ship as it slowly glides into the harbor of New Phlan. Taking in the small, budding harborage, Caius gently shakes his head. Why would people choose to live in such a place? he thinks. There are no trees here, no earth -- no real earth. Adjusting the longbow slung across his shoulders, he rests his hands atop the twin shortswords dangling at his sides, and debarks with ease. Standing on the dock, he turns towards the ship and watches as the other travelers exit the boat. His dark hair and unruly scruff gently sway with the breeze wafting over him from the Moonsea. He's sure that some of the other travelers were, like him, answering the call of the New Phlan city council. "Hail," he calls out to those disembarking, "do any of you know where I might find the council or, at the very least, a decent inn to make my home for a short while?" Wearing dark, sturdy clothes -- the overgarments of either a scout or a guide -- Caius does his best to look friendly and unimposing.


The half-orc looks over at Caius and smiles as he swings his pack and chainmail over his broad shoulders. There was something about boats and heavy metal armour that just didn't sit right with him.

"Well met, neighbour," Helios extends a large hand. "I am Helios Maskell and I gather you would be looking for work? Good, good, I am also wanting to find some and I have it on good authority that there should be plenty here. Would you mind if I accompany you to the council?"

There is a clatter of metal on metal as Helios jumps to the dock and moves onto solid ground, he starts to put on his armour but first removes his amulet of Torm and kisses it reverentially before placing it on his shield.

Again to Caius, "I assume you are an adventurer?" he asks shrugging his mane of black hair through the neck of his chainmail. "I am a Paladin of Torm seeking my path in life."

After several minutes he is armoured with his sword at his side and a brace of javelins across his back in a quiver. "Shall we see if we can find someone to give us directions?"

Ibn Khaldun

Cruciger Vulpes waits for the boat to come to a full stop before stepping uncertainly onto the dock. The smell on the air makes him wince.

A lean and wiry elf, he has a face full of lupine features framed beneath a loose crown of reddish hair that drops slightly below his shoulders. He can't help but draw his hide coat about him and finger his quarterstaff as he contemplates the pitiful sight of New Phlan.

He sighs and says to no one in particular, "This place is a curse. Perhaps my wanderlust has finally brought me too far. And yet something draws me onward. I suppose I shall see."


the magical equivalent to the number zero

A tall man dressed in simple brown clothes and wearing his hood up, waits for the others to leave the boat before disembarking. Once on the docks, he stops, adjusts his backpack and the crossbow strapped across it, and sniffs the air. Apart from the obvious stink of the nearby poison river, he notices a certain lack of chill that he had become accostumed to at the monastery.

Walking up to Caius and Helios, the man says in a deep voice, "Greetings, fellow travelers. My name is Balthassar from the Monastery of the Yellow Rose and I, too, am looking for work."

Lifting back his hood to reveal his draconic visage, a long white snout speckled with bright red scales that grow more numerous around his red eyes, he continues, "Do not be alarmed, I am but a man with the appearance of a dragon. We all have our burdens to carry," the dragonborn says while indicating the symbol of Ilmater on his tunic.

"Would you mind if I tag along?"

Ibn Khaldun

Cruciger approaches the other passengers gathered on the dock. "Good morning, such as it is. Are any of you locals to this place? For the first time in my life, I seem to lack direction."


First Post
There was a young woman on the boat, watching the interplay between the others owlishly from the corner where she sat. She didn't wear armor, didn't have an easily visible weapon, wasn't dressed richly...she could have been just another hopeful or desperate colonist. But she didn't have that wariness that common folk had when eying heavily armed warriors discussing their plans.

She had short black hair, neatly brushed though just starting to grow out at the edges. Innocent round face and deep, dark eyes. A short dress, or perhaps a long shirt, of dark violet hue and charcoal grey trim, along with a forest green cloak which was dark grey on the inside lining. Dark colored tight leggings. Her leather satchel sat beside her with one arm protectively curled around it. It looked bulky and full.

After a moment the woman seemed to reach a decision and she got to her feet and padded to where the other adventurers were gathered, discussing their plans. She didn't say anything, but looked down at the water over the railing.

[sblock=What's she look like???]Note that the tattoo on her back doesn't show right now, and her eyes are not red. Yet. Mwahaha.

One of the dock workers nearby overhears Caius's question. As the worker sets down a small crate, he nods to the half-elf and to the rest of you.

"Adventurers, aye? Well, you'll be need'n to find the council."

He points to a tall building.

"Look for the Temple of Sune. Right across from it is the Council. Can't miss it. Oh, and if you're looking for an inn, there's the Cracked Crown over by the Temple of Tyr."

He kind of smirks and shrugs, "Good luck!"

Moving through the scattered streets and buildings, you quickly find the Temple of Sune. As the dockworker said, directly across from it is the City Hall, a small but sturdy red brick building. Tacked to the outer wall is a board with several postings.

Proclamation LIX
Be it known that the council is interested in reclaiming the remaining blocks of the city of New Phlan. To reclaim said blocks they must be first cleared of monsters, vermin, and other uncivilized inhabitants. To this end the council is offering a reward to any person or group who is responsible for clearing any block of the old city.

Proclamation CI
Be it known that the council, knowing that commerce is the life's blood of New Phlan, has decreed that Sokal Keep is to be cleared of all unlawful inhabitants. A reward is offered to the person or persons who successfully carry out this commission. All interested in applying for said commission shall present themselves to the clerk of the council.

Proclamation CXXVI
Be it known that the council is offering a reward for all books and tomes containing information about the fall of Phlan. The amount of said reward to be dependent upon the value of the information provided.


First Post
Caius looks from the board to the adventurers next to him. "Look," he says, "I'm not about to attempt this commission alone. Fate seems to have thrown us together, so perhaps we should attempt this commission as 'partners' and split it evenly? Any objections?" Before those next to him can answer, he sticks out his hand, "By the way, my name is Caius, and you are?"
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Ibn Khaldun


Cruciger looks the list over twice. "These tasks are more than any one of us can handle. What say you good folk to tackling each en masse? Surely, such errands as these offer more than enough rewards to share between us?"

Ibn Khaldun

Cruciger Responds

Cruciger nods. "It seems we have at least some accord amongst us. Which of these tasks appeals to your proclivities? It seems prudent that we should tackle the hazards that hem us about presently before venturing out to explore the ruined keep. That said, prudence has never been my strong suit. What say you folk on this?"


First Post
"Establish territory first," said the until-now silent woman. Even speaking she didn't engage, still gazing over the rail at the city with her back to the group. "Take a block or two, get the measure of what we're up against, get a base to work from and some funds from the salvage and rewards to arm ourselves. Then the keep."
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Balthassar nods to the words of the woman. "Sounds like a good plan. Of course, I'm no warrior or tactician, but it seems prudent to establish a safe zone first."

The dragonborn looks at the others, studying each for a few moments before moving to the next. He then nods approvingly. These are good people as far as he can tell. Adventuring besides them will be good.

The interior of the City Hall is remarkably cool. Oil lanterns are spaced evenly down the short corridor. At the end of the hall, you see an armed guard leaning against one wall, barring the way to a door that leads further into the building.

To your left, a harried young woman, her face smudged by ink, shuffles through a large sheaf of papers. Glancing up, she almost seems startled to see you.

"Yes, hello? What can I help you with?"

Seeing that you're carrying one of the proclamations from outside, she visibly relaxes.

"Oh, good! We really can use some hardy souls to help us retake the old city."

Glancing at the proclamation, she nods.

"We've only been able to clear out this one small area here. To the west are a set of old slums...some few brave souls have attempted to eek out a wretched existence out there, but sadly, the city watch doesn't have the manpower to retake the slums and defend the civilized section.

The commission is to retake each section of the city as you can. For each section, depending on its strategic and financial relevance, the council will provide a reward. For the slums, we can provide you with a 100 gp reward. Go in, clear out the vermin, then return here.

Ibn Khaldun

Curciger Responds

Cruciger asks, "By vermin, you are referring to what, exactly? What sort of creatures have taken residence in these slums?"

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