D&D 5E Rune Knight 17 / Lycan Bloodhunter 3- Am I wrong or is this great on grappler builds?


I was thinking of perhaps rolling a Goliath Rune Knight, with a 3 level dip in Bloodhunter for Order of Lycan (reflavored as a sort of Giant's Rage). Is it me, or does this grouping work well together? It is true that some of the features overlap (e.g. advtantage in Strength checks/saves, damage resistance from Hill Rune vs. Resilient Hide), but I don't view that as necessarily a bad thing. If anything, it potentially gives more uses of a powerful feature.

But it also feels like it has a lot of synergies. 1) For a grappler like RK, adding Crimson Rite to unarmed strikes plus an additional BA unarmed strike while grappling feels really strong. 2) Blood Curse of Bloated Agony gives disadvantage on Strength & Dexterity checks (also great for a grappler). 3) a second fighting style (albeit from a weak selection), and 4) a minor +1 to melee attacks on top of Crimson Rite from Feral Might.

Is this worth the 3 level investment, however, or could would I be better served with another dip/straight RK?

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