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"So it is said," Darv admits, gingerly rubbing his own forehead as he contemplates the thought of something...burrowing through it. "It's not something that I chose to dwell upon overmuch, in truth. I value my own brain rather highly."
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"I believe we all value what lies inside our heads." The warforged looks to Darv, "If mind-flayers have the mental powers to dominate giants, they can just as easily control those that we consider allies. It is still a good idea to watch out for each other, we should not be going somewhere alone, where unseen enemies wait in the shadows to compel us to actions we would not otherwise do."


Davan nods his head in agreement. He checks his armor and other equipment before doing anything else.


Detect Magic
Purify Food and Drink
Create Water (3)

1st Level:
Comprehend Languages
Divine Favor
Omen of Peril
Protection from Evil

2nd Level:
Calm Emotions
Delay Poison
Make Whole

3rd Level:
Furnace Within
Lesser Humanoid Essence

4th Level:
Imbue with Special Ability
Divine Power

1~ Enlarge Person
2~ Bulls Strength
3~ Magic Vestment
4~Spell Immunity



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You know quite a bit about Mind Flayers from your research:

They are aberrations that live on the plane of Xoriat, the realm of madness. They are thought to serve the daelkyr, but also pursue their own schemes and agendas.

They possess 4 large tentacles, which frame their oral opening, when all four are attached to a humanoids skull, they can easily suck out the victims brain, instantly killing it. Warforged are supposed to be immune to such attacks, as they do not have a traditional 'brain', as far as humanoids go.

They employ mind control techniques, and can stun creatures with a mere thought. One must be wary whenever a mind flayer is encountered, for they can travel between planes, or even send unwilling creatures to other planes, in an instant.

They are resistant to any weapon that is not made of Byshek.

Nardon appears confused at the mention of 'mind flayers'. "As much as I would hope that you are playing a cruel joke with your discussion of this mind-flayer creature, I cannot think of any creature, known to me, that would cause such a horrid wound."

"Seeing as how the city has become unsafe for our house members, I see no reason to postpone your expedition to the morrow, if you wish to leave tonight."

"Of course, if you want to leave in the morning, that is perfectly acceptable as well."

Nac Mac Feegle

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"Well, ah sleep with th' best of 'em, but I've not qualms about startin' out tonight," rumbles Lo-Kag. "The sooner we're off, the sooner I can lay blade to them giants, and I don't mind sayin' I've got a fair grudge against them."


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"I think it might be best if we leave the city now, before anything else happens. At the least, once we're out in the wilds no innocents can get caught up in attacks aimed at us." Asenfel adds.


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Into the Jungle!

"Excellent,"says Nardon,"I will send for Ganyon and have him ready his gear."

"May the land shield you and protect you."

He walks out of the room.


Nardon comes back 5 minutes later with a youthful looking man, barely past his teens in tow -- dressed in a loose fitting chain shirt below a mottled green cloak. A shortsword and kukri swing from his belt.

"This is Ganyon, he is a native of Xen'drik and knows the jungles like the backs of his hands. He will guide you true."

The young man nods,"I hear ya wanna head uut tonight - which is fin' wit me, cuz I sleep better in the jungle - we should be able tuh git in a few hurs 'fore we should bog down fer the night. Shouldn't run inta anythin' too mean until at least tumarra afternoon."

"If'n yer ready, lets git a move on."

Nardon and Ganyon walk towards the door.


[sblock=Darv and Morph]
As you get up from the table, you notice a strange disturbance in the air behind the goliath. Taking a second look, you do not see anything, but know that something small, and circular appears to be trailing behind him -- possibly something invisible, but yet not physical in nature -- almost as if it could be some magically produced effect?
You recognize the object to be the sensor from a Greater Scrying spell.
Your training in spellcraft does not tell you anything about the magical effect.

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