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Morph looks at the young boy with curiousity. He talks strangely, smells like he does sleep in the jungle, but if this is what they offer...so be it. "We will not be sleeping in the jungle I fear. You can if you wish to sleep alone." Morph then pauses, looks behind the goliath, and shakes his head. "There is something near you," he says to the goliath, "I do not know what it is."

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Davan looks at the area Morph points to, "I see nothing...." Davan closes his eyes and mumbles a prayer.

ooc: cast detect magic. I figure if it's invisible, at least I can tell if it's a spell lol

Detect Magic
Purify Food and Drink
Create Water (3)

1st Level:
Comprehend Languages
Divine Favor
Omen of Peril
Protection from Evil

2nd Level:
Calm Emotions
Delay Poison
Make Whole

3rd Level:
Furnace Within
Lesser Humanoid Essence

4th Level:
Imbue with Special Ability
Divine Power

1~ Enlarge Person
2~ Bulls Strength
3~ Magic Vestment
4~Spell Immunity[/sblock]


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"We're being watched," Darv says flatly. "By who, by what, I cannot guess. But there's no need to tolerate such rudeness."

Raising his hands, he rattles off a string of syllables and point grandly at the sensor.

Dispel Magic; Dispel Check 28.

"There," he says, lowering his hands with a sigh. "No guarentee that it won't happen again, I'm afraid. There are spells to prevent such observation, but I have no practical knowledge of any such."


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"Can you get the magic some other way than spells?" Dreadnought asks dolefully. "I don't know much about magic aside from defensive battlefield tactics, but it's always bad news when your enemy knows more about you than you do of them."


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Morph follows the pair from the room. No sense in delaying any longer. He speaks to their guide, "Have you seen any of the creatures that were described to us? The mutated animals and such?"


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The young lad gives the warforged a quizzical look, then a light seems to go on in his head and he laughs heartily. "Naw, that's good fer us then -- we kin git our beauty rest while ya keep tha lookuut."

While the young man is talking, the small gnome intones a few words and sweeps his fingers through the air, moments later, he nods and smiles, knowing that he has cancelled the magic that was in effect. [dispel magic succeeded]

[sblock=Davan] You were able to cast your detect magic before the gnome and did indeed notice something magical, you weren't able to determine the school of magic before the effect was dispelled by Darv.

"I've seen one of the creatures -- I was sure it was jus' a normal jungle tiger, but it kept af'er me, like it was huntin' me, instead of da other way 'round. It closed on me, and i was able to git mah blade up 'round its paw and cut a good chunk off of its haunches. In tha blink of an eye tha thing changed shape inta a blob or sometin' -- sent shivers up me spin' and all. Took me a sec to git ova it -- I then got me blade up and unner one of its new arms and put it donn... The thing froze like that -- all its arms and legs all akimbo... Scary thin' tah look et."

The young man shakes his head.

"Unnatural it was."


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Morph nods slowly in understanding. "I see...is the tiger-blob still there? Would it be on our way to where the giant activity is? Can we see it." Such a creature has Morph facinated by the opportunities it could provide him.


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23 Zarantyr 999 - Sunset

Ganyon cocks an eyebrow at the warforged,"I ran inta it 'boot 7 days walk down tha coast from 'her, and I bet the carcas is stripped ta the bone or gone by this time, as the creatures in tha woods do a good joba keepin' things clean."

He winks at Morph and says,"Tell ya what, when we run inta one, I'll keep it 'round fer ya -- deal?"

He looks around at the rest of the group.

"What say we git our move on?"


The cobbled road leading from Stormreach into the wilds of Xen'drik is quite broad -- you estimate it to be nearly 100' wide as it exits the city, framed on each side by large, old growth trees.

The trees are so thick and dense as to appear to be nearly impassable. Vines as thick as a human arm weave webs around massive tree trunks, and tangled undergrowth fills in the gaps. Cackling birds can be heard, and occasionally a flock can be see flying lazily overhead. All in all, the wildlife noises are familiar, but markedly different than what you are used to on your travels in Khorvaire.

After a mile or so, the road gradually narrows, down to about 20' across. At this point the road has become more or less a well travelled path, the only thing keeping the vegetation at bay is the many footfalls of the Xen'drik traveller.

You have travelled about 5 hours now, Ganyon stops and turns back to the rest of you,"This be a good time as any ta stop fer the night. We can git up at the cracka dawn an' git our move on agin. We should have good weather fer walkin' tomorra as well." He says as he looks toward the dark skies.


OOC: I need a default marching order for the group, please discuss in the OOC thread. Also, I need to know the watch schedule for the group during evenings.


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23 Zarantyr 999 - Evening into - 24 Zarantyr 999 - Midday

As you stop for the day, the warforged wizard steps up to the edge of the forest and pulls out a piece of rope from his pack and incants a few words.

He explains to the rest of the group that he has conjured a sanctuary for them to rest in, safe from jungle predators.

Ganyon politely, if not crudely declines the invitation, as he prefers to sleep with his back to the ground.

The rest of you climb up the length of rope and into the extradimensional space. Some getting used to is required for those who have not spent time inside such an area, but the group, for the most part, is able to get some much needed rest.

The evening passes uneventfully. Dreadnought rouses the organic beings from their slumber as soon as the light of the morning sun can be seen through the opening of the space.

A quick breakfast is prepared for those who require it, as Ganyon had already been up and killed and skinned a small marsupial of some sort. As you climb down the rope, you can see him a short distance inside the canopy of the trees turning the creature over a make-shift spit.

"Good eatin', if yer interested." He says, with a beckoning wave.


Once breakfast has been completed, you set out on the road once more. The road has dwindled down to now a trail, with the large canopy of the forest stretching far overhead. The undergrowth has thinned out some, for little natural sunlight is able to penetrate the dense foliage.

Somewhat around noon, you all are startled, as a mass of vegetation lashes out from the side of the trail. [Spot checks all failed, surprise round in effect]

The 'thing' lashes out with what looks like a mouth at Dreadnought and it takes hold of the warforged with its massive maw. [Bite attack hit, 14 damage after DR, grapple check won by creature, Dreadnought is held]

While Dreadnought is being assaulted, it sends two vine-like appendeges at the goliath warrior, but he is able to pull free.

OOC: Need initiative and first round actions from all. Welcome to the jungle. :]


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