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Science Fiction: Greatest TV Shows Part III


A suffusion of yellow
How can you forget the Gerry Anderson puppets? Thunderbirds was much more convincing than Space: 1999.

Best non-American SF shows (that have not yet been mentioned)
1. Hitchhhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
2. Red Dwarf
3. Survivors (1970's version)
4. Max Headroom
5. Orphan Black
6. Black Mirror
7. Dirk Gently (the British one, starring Steven Mangan)
8. Humans
9. Primeval
10. The Sarah Jane Adventures
I was going to list Red Dwarf too but the rules debarred comedy, I also included Sarah Jane Adventures in Doctor Who
I forgot Primeval but enjoyed its first season

....Automan? Really? Do you want to go into more detail on that one? I am ... confuddled by that choice.

I like the positivity of Automan, the FX for a TV show of the time was great, and the merge of super hero and buddy cop genre very much distilled the zeitgeist of the era whilst still maintaining a self deprecating sense of fun. Sci fi is too often dark and heavy, Automan managed to shine with digital light

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