Shadow of the Weird Wizard Is Finally Here!

Long anticipated, it’s here! You can grab the PDF from DriveThruRPG. In fact, it has hit the #1 spot on the site. By Rob Schawlb, SotWW is the sequel to Shadow of the Demon Lord and presents a more family friendly version of the game system. Shadow of the Weird Wizard® is a fantasy roleplaying game in which you and your friends...

Long anticipated, it’s here! You can grab the PDF from DriveThruRPG. In fact, it has hit the #1 spot on the site.


By Rob Schawlb, SotWW is the sequel to Shadow of the Demon Lord and presents a more family friendly version of the game system.

Shadow of the Weird Wizard® is a fantasy roleplaying game in which you and your friends assume the roles of characters who explore the borderlands and make them safe for the refugees escaping the doom that has befallen the old country. Unsafe are these lands: the Weird Wizard released monsters to roam the countryside, cruel faeries haunt the shadows, undead drag themselves free from their tombs, and ancient evils stir once more. If the displaced people would rebuild their lives, they need heroes to protect them. A brand new game built using the system powering Shadow of the Demon Lord, this game gives you everything you need for you and your friends to champion the innocent, to brave grave dangers, and right terrible wrongs, all while exploring the wild frontier of the borderlands!

Some saw him as a mad sorcerer who commanded eldritch powers of staggering might. As proof, one only has to look at all the abominations he set loose in the lands—the hybrid beasts, the multilegged hulking collectors, floating eyes that hang in the air trailing their nerve endings. And then, far, far beyond the edges of the new lands rose the walls of the Forbidden City and the clockwork peoples who dwelled there in seeming servitude to the dread mage who ruled over all he surveyed.

But the Weird Wizard is gone. His shadow remains, but the figure casting it disappeared and none, not even his closest servants, know where he went. It might be coincidence that his absence preceded the bloody civil war that tore the Great Kingdom apart and that precipitated the violent struggle between the other nations in the west, or the Weird Wizard might have had some stabilizing influence that enabled civilization to flourish once more following a far older, nastier decline. Too, he could have been the source of the conflict and abandoned the world to its fate.

Either way, the instability sends people by the thousands spilling into the borderlands. As this territory grows more and more crowded, refugees are looking to the east to make their homes. The first forays into the strange place have ended with disappearances and death, and the few people who have returned carry tales of hostile inhabitants, cruel faeries, and hideous, ravenous monsters. If the new lands would be tamed, there must be peace with the inhabitants.

Such efforts demand heroes. Luckily, there might just be a few around. This book shows you how to make a hero who can meet and triumph over the greatest challenges of exploring a world that stands in the shadow of a Weird Wizard.


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The Soloist

I've continued my little solo adventure using SotDL creatures and I had no problems using them with WW.

Here is the rest of the story:
[Shadow of the Weird Wizard] Rangers of the Wilderlands (02)
Facing a t-shaped tunnel, the Rangers decide to go [west]. Axton lights a torch (dim light 10 yards, 2 hours). They enter a [small cave].

Round one: A [Boneguard] darts forward and attacks Umbar. The fighter deflects part of the blow [combat recovery, reaction, half damage, once per day] and attacks. He hits and inflicts a serious wound (2d6=12!). Axton hits with his sword [Trickery +1d6 damage, once per turn] and inflicts a minor wound (2d6=4). Easton misses. Monte uses his Finger of Fire [pyromancy talent, Will contest against target agility] and deals (2d6=6) a minor would. A small flame appears above Monte’s finger and sheds dim light (for 1 minute).

Round two: Umbar [Takes the Initiative, reaction] and strikes the Boneguard destroying the creature.

Searching the cave Axton finds [cadaver] the remains of a [man] long dead. In a leather pouch, there are [2d6] 6 coppers and [1d6] 3 silver coins.

The Rangers advance further into the cave complex. The next [small] cave is empty. They go south. After a short tunnel, the rangers enter another [small cave]. There is a [pool] in the [centre] of the area. Monte using his staff [senses magic talent]. The [water] is [magical, positive minor]. If you drink [directly] from the pool, heal [3 damage] once per day. For some unexplained reason, the water cannot be bottled.

The cave has [two] other exists. The south exit is a [dead end]. The southwest exit leads immediately to a [very small] cave. [Ambush] A large spider descends from the ceiling and tries to attack Umbar but misses. The fighter [Take the initiative] hits (9 damage). Axton misses. Easton hits (5 damage). Monte burns the creature (4 damage) with the flame from his finger. The creature flees upward and disappears into darkness. Axton finds [nothing] will the other Rangers scan the ceiling in case the spider attacks again.

The Rangers leave and retrace their steps carefully but encounter [no one].

[Shadow of the Weird Wizard] Rangers of the Wilderlands (03)
The east wing of the caves contains an empty area that leads to a dead end. The Rangers exit the cave complex.

As they emerge, a [young woman] greets them. Annora, the [druid apprentice], inquires about the undead in the cave. She is relieved to learn they were destroyed. Since the [natural death] of her old master, she has been unable to defend the sacred cave. The pool is used to heal injured animals. She sent a message for help but it has taken much longer than she anticipated. The Ranger’s fortuitous arrival is very much welcome.

The Rangers agree to stay for a few days. During that time they learn that an [unknown] necromancer came by a few days ago. He did not find what he was looking for in the caves. Furious he left the undead to despoil the sacred cave.

After (1d6) three [uneventful] days an old druid arrives. Stanton will be Annora’s new teacher and protector of the sacred cave. He thanks the Rangers and gives a potion of healing to each of them. He asks that the sacred pool remain a secret. The Rangers agree.

The next morning the Rangers resume their patrol. The End... for now.
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The Soloist

I stand corrected... Secrets was released today

"This PDF is a PRERELEASE. As a result, it features no layout, no art, and proofing has not been completed. If you purchase this PRERELEASE, you will gain access to updates and the final product."

Purchased! ;)

He also modified the dtrpg info, it now says SotWW is a Player's Book only.
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