D&D 5E Shadow Sorcer/Wizard?

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Ok Long Story Short, got a ch that is a necromancer that is going to die. Pretty much because the old group no longer plays, but that doesn't matter because we're getting a new one. Anyway, I want to use https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Shadows_(5e_Race) as my race but will render me speechless. I was thinking of getting to lvl 3 Sor for the subtle spell and the rest into wizard. I know this will make it harder to play but I kind of fell in love with this idea and just wanted to see if I'm missing anything. With that being said any advice would be nice! Thanks

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First thing that you need to do is check with your DM about using those stats: That site is for fan creations, and is not any way official.
The write-up itself isn't very good and you will DM adjudication as to how some of those abilities actually function, even if they do agree to allow it. Not all the abilities make sense, and the balance itself seems pretty out of whack.

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