D&D 5E Should 5e use Star Wars Saga edition-style talents and powers?


I'm wondering if we might see something like the Saga edition talent and power system in 5e: each class gets access to a variety of talents as it levels up. Some are exclusive to the class and some are available to anyone with certain prerequisites (in this case, maybe races, power sources, religious affiliation, etc.). Most talents provide small bonuses and modify skill usage. You can use your feats to take powers for discrete single (sometimes multiple) use attacks during combat, but the powers are completely optional. You can instead spend your feats on armor and weapon proficiency, combat and social bonuses, skill training, etc.

5e could chop up the power lists into "spells," "maneuvers," "prayers," etc. and let anyone who wants to spend the feats and has the prerequisites (e.g. at least one level in a spell-casting class) take them. Talents could also be traded in for powers (some saga talents effectively give powers) if WotC decides that feats are not the proper resource to spend. And, like in saga edition, some talents could modify powers so those who decide to use the power subsystem have an incentive to stick with, for example, the fighter to get fighter-exclusive talents that make martial maneuvers better (talents might grant access to higher level spells/stances/whatever) but still have to choice to dabble in multi-classing to pick up spells, psionic abilities, etc.

There...then anyone who just wants to stick with the talents can avoid trading them in or using feats to get powers and can ignore the subset of talents that interact with powers....characters that didn't use force powers in saga edition were still plenty effective despite being simpler..heck you could create a jedi that never took any force powers, be effective and still feel like a jedi.

What do people think?

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