D&D General Should ENworld Posters Design a D&D?


As the title says. Basic idea name a 100 page document for an ENworld D&D.

Start off small eg 4 classic classes, 5 levels.

Basic idea is use 5E engine but mire streamlined tighter game drawing on previous editions to fix things l8
ike hit point bloat and saving throws.

Probably rewrite some spells as well.

Spell resistance returns flat number d20 roll has to beat it

3 saves vs 6

Saves scale better espicially on martials

Energy drain returns inflicts exhaustion vs level loss

Hit points and danahe are toned down

Damage dealing spells scale but capped

0 hp gains exhaustion level

Basic idea so far. 5E engine means round structure, skill/proficiency system etc. Tweaks xa be made or subsystems eg feats stripped out, replace, tweaked etc.
I like your basics. A few things to throw into the mix.

To start, as others have said, it is a project doomed to fail due to too many cooks in the kitchen. I think a better approach is "Zardnaar's D&D, with consultation with EN World." Then others can do the same, if they want. Or if you're serious about taking this to production, find a few likeminded (and dedicated) souls to form a core group.

Anyhow, 5E did a good job consolidating elements of past editions, but there are two things that come to mind that I miss from 4E: One, the three saves (FRW) and more distinct tiers. So I'd re-integrate the three saves, but for tiers I'd do something a bit different.

I'd take the grittier, more "realistic" level development from levels 1-20, but I'd add a "modular option" (ahem) of Epic Boons (or some such) that individual groups can incorporate as they wish, with the recommendation of no more than 1 per 5 levels through 10, and then no more than 1 per two levels after 10. So 2 max at level 10, 7 max at level 20. These would be significant additions, and could range from purely mechanical like "You get a permanent +1 bonus to your Proficiency Bonus" to "You can cast one spell of your choice level X or below at will." Etc.

The point being that you have a basic chassis that it linear and relatively realistic for advancement, and can buffer it as you wish.

I'd also like to see rules for "beyond epic" play - that is, immortal ascension and such. A "demigod tier." Another modular option.

Alternately, scrap both of the above and go for a nice even tier system:

Levels 1-5: Basic
Levels 6-10: Paragon
Levels 11-15: Master
Levels 16-20: Epic
Levels 21-25: Legend
Levels 26-30: Demigod

While we're on modular options, how about classless characters - build your own as you level up? Would be a bit tricky to balance, but basically a more flexible, customizable approach to a character.

Finally, I'd try to streamline some of the wonkiness of 5E: like Proficiency Bonuses maxing out at 6, which my anal retentive side doesn't want (10 would be better, or every other level...I know, it hurts bounded accuracy, but...). If you do this at, say, even odd levels, you can balance it with class features at even levels. A nice symmetry.

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