D&D General Should ENworld Posters Design a D&D?


As the title says. Basic idea name a 100 page document for an ENworld D&D.

Start off small eg 4 classic classes, 5 levels.

Basic idea is use 5E engine but mire streamlined tighter game drawing on previous editions to fix things l8
ike hit point bloat and saving throws.

Probably rewrite some spells as well.

Spell resistance returns flat number d20 roll has to beat it

3 saves vs 6

Saves scale better espicially on martials

Energy drain returns inflicts exhaustion vs level loss

Hit points and danahe are toned down

Damage dealing spells scale but capped

0 hp gains exhaustion level

Basic idea so far. 5E engine means round structure, skill/proficiency system etc. Tweaks xa be made or subsystems eg feats stripped out, replace, tweaked etc.
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Some ideas drawing upon 4e. I'd like to see the return of Fortitude, Reflex, and Will as saves but like 4e, you have two separate scores that can apply to them.

Level 1, I'd add constitution to the base hit points and remove the con modifier to hit points, as in, a barbarian with a 16 con has 28 hit points at 1st level. I'd then bring back healing surges, the number of which are affected by your Con modifier.

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