Sigil Setting: Combat Tavern?


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Siani's likeness for a golem, I think more would retch and laugh, then cower in fear.

This tavern will just have a description, and anything animated needs a command ad it only does one simple command, so it would not be as if the patrons could control it. Though more in the IsRp are 20th level wizards so I would hope most had the animation spell in hand to do what they want.

but I give thumbs up to the other ideas on my end of the rope.
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Meh said:
Siani's likeness for a golem, I think more would retch and laugh then cower in fear.

The Siani's likeness for a golem would make the patrons cower in fear, hence (put fear into the patrons)

but cool anyways.. just wanted to clear that up


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Nevine said:
Speaking of chew, it's time to bring back Orc Barf Beer, none of that orc breath stuff. Call it what it is. *shakes fist*

I most definitely concur, in fact, I was going to suggest that myself, before Nev beat me to it. Kinetti always used to buy that by the keg from ol' man Rexx back in the day. By all means, "bring back the true, the original. Bring back Orc Barf Beer™. It's high in protein! Just don't ask its ingredients, you don't want to know"

I absolutely *love* this idea!!!!!! Fabulous ideas from everyone else as well. I am partial to the shankgolem idea myself, but I guess whatever M. Trelian says, goes. I'll definitely create new characters for this place!


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Irthos said:
Bartender: Perhaps a golem in Siani's likeness? (Put fear into the patrons), or perhaps one of the Inevitable (a True Neutral one)
Unless there's an inevitable of late drink orders, that option would and should be completely out, not to mention the alignment issue. Inevitables aren't just golems from the lawful neutral plane, they're enforcers of the laws of basic existence, brought to the forefront in 3/3.5 E to serve as the upper tier lawful neutral exemplar race.

Rogue modron is the most suitable option, in all reality, for the following reasons:
- It's a Sigil classic. The alien mindset of a modron gone barmy would help solidify the location of the tavern in the theme of the room.
- Rogue modrons can have every bit as much personality as is attached to bargolem.
- Rogue modrons can gain class levels, so any concern about them not being powerful enough to enforce the bar's rules can be handled quite simply.
- The top of its cube can serve as a built in drink tray.


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I agree with Thar. The modron fits the setting a LOT better.

By the way, any idea of when this proposed change will go into effect?


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In reply to Adrie:

I'm not sure how many angelic beings would really be that daring the enter such type of establishment... though that's just my opinion.... then again I don't see why one would be in any tavern really... as they are much higher beings them mortals... but that's just my view of how my group plays

Gotta remember, they might have reasons for being there. Bhryn frequents Siani's tavern because during a period of war on Celestia, as the heir to her family title, she was exiled briefly and refused entry to any celestial portal, stranded effectively on Juxta. This was during the time when the tavern was attached to Juxtaposition. When it returned to its home plane, she followed it there, having struck up friendship with the owner. Sure, she's not mortal, but she hides it as well as anyone can, even to the point where she can adopt very human traits, something which she considers herself far better at than any of her kin. So she'd very different to other celestials. She keeps coming because she's made friends with people who know the Crossroads as a point of meeting. She also visits Sigil a lot, as the it's an open gate to all types of planar beings and she can move there with her wings out.

No doubt, because of her position and the type of war she ends up head first in, she has contacts and friends in all places, and if they frequent taverns on Sigil, she'll follow. And, in Sigil, she can get away with putting a demon's head through the bar, whereas Siani would probably send her skinny dipping as soon as you can blink. XD

It's all about reasons why.

- Draggy:

Probably not for a while, we're still all trying to decide anything solid. You know what we're all like when it comes to choices - argue it down to the last toenail.

I like the Modron idea - it is Sigil/Planescape setting. Do it right!


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Draggy said:
I agree with Thar. The modron fits the setting a LOT better.

By the way, any idea of when this proposed change will go into effect?
CageGolem is already a rogue modron, so initially I was thinking we wanted something different for the Hive. I'm reconsidering based on these posts. Maybe it's CageGolem's bigger badder "brother". ;-)

Estimated time this will go up: I'd like to try for the end of this month. There's two sides that need to be done. I need to do several write-ups (room description that pops up when you enter, more detailed descriptions for setting pages, golem description and menu, extra warnings about keeping to the CoC). Then Gabe needs to create the new golem and add it to the Hive, and put up the new descriptions. And meanwhile we're both working at RL jobs, have RL family and friends, have to deal with moderator issues here, and like to play our own chars now and then. Sooooooo... soon as we can and don't worry that we've forgotten.


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How about this, as someone said, It be a warforge, HOW CARES IF THEY ARE NOT ON SIGIL! Or anywhere else, neither should werewolf/celestial/demonknigh/vampires... (all as on character)

Okay as I was saying, Warforge like someone said, or even a FEMALE looking clockwork, the new point of it being, there are no female looking bots? Could be the new look people are looking for. Yaya! Cheers.

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