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5E Simple Character Sheet if you want one


The Smurfiest Wizard Ever!
I love this simplified sheet, nice work!
One comment: What about a place to track recovery Hit Dice? That changes from rest to rest, and from session to session.
Since dying typically resolves in a few rounds and doesn't really need to be tracked long term, perhaps replace those Death Save slots with number of Hit Dice available for rests?
Anyway, thanks for sharing!
Oh! Good catch! I forgot about spent HD completely (we don't use them but I should add them for others...).

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The Smurfiest Wizard Ever!
QUICK QUESTION for those watching this thread:

Which items are short-term enough not to bother tracking or are little used:

  • Temp HP
  • Death Saves/Fails
  • Exhaustion
  • Spent HD
I know in our group people use counters/dice to track pretty much all of this stuff, so we don't need it on the character sheet. Is there some other feature you would like to see instead of these? I can easily include two (right now they are Death Saves/Fails and Exhaustion) so I won't what people would like to see more?

While I am making this sheet primarily for myself, I would like to have something others feel they can use if they like it, without feeling "boy, I wish ___ was on the sheet, too!"


I'll second @Theo R Cwithin and say get rid of the Death Saves / Fails if space is an issue. A couple chicken scratches pretty much anywhere or a pair of dice easily covers the few minutes you'll need to resolve if you're dead or not.

HD are useful to track if a session ends mid-adventure, as is Exhaustion.

I still don't think Temp HP require their own space, but if you can fit one in there, it doesn't hurt anything.


The Smurfiest Wizard Ever!
I have updated the character sheet in the OP and attached the revised version as a pdf. Enjoy! :)


  • CS - Simple -FILLABLE.pdf
    357.9 KB · Views: 22


The Smurfiest Wizard Ever!
Sigh... I missed this on the original and the revised and JUST noticed it...

I forgot to put a place for Alignment....

ARG!!!! :oops:

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