Small Magic Item Collection

I hope everyone likes these items as much as me and my group. If anyone has suggestions on making them more clear or more balanced, I would love to hear!

Band of Endless Energy

Wondrous Item, rare
This metal twisted torque is enchanted to free the wearer of limits of physical exhaustion. When you take a long rest, you only need 4 hours of actual sleep to gain the full benefits, or 2 hours of meditation for those that do not sleep. In addition, while you can still gain levels of exhaustion, you do not suffer any of the effects of exhaustion unless the torque is removed, or unless you take more than 6 levels of exhaustion in which case you instantly die.

Cloak and Dagger
Wondrous Item, rare
As a bonus action, you may transform this cloak into a dagger, or the dagger into a cloak. The cloak looks almost metallic being silvery-black on the outside and dark red on the inside, but it can also change appearance as an action slightly, so can grant advantage to deception rolls concerning what the cloaks magic is. The dagger looks like it is made from a fine cloth and it soaks up all blood as it stabs and makes the wound not bleed much after, making it easier to hide the body and conceal that someone was stabbed.

Diseased Wrappings
Wondrous Item, uncommon
While wearing these wraps, you have advantage on rolls to avoid becoming or to rid yourself of diseases. In addition, while you have these on your hands and no other gloves or gauntlets, you may cast inflict wounds as a bonus action. The wraps have a number of charges equal to your constitution modifier (minimum of 1), which are regained at midnight. You may expend any number of available charges, the spell is cast at a level equal to the number of charges you use.

Draft of Distilled Magic
Wondrous Item, very rare
If applied to an item that uses charges or has limited uses per day, it immediately regains up to 1d4 expended charges or uses. This can restore the magical properties of an item that has used its last charge and is now considered a mundane item, though it cannot restore items that are destroyed.
Alternatively, you can consume the draft to restore spell slots. Roll 5d4, take that much psychic damage and select four of the die results, those are the spell slots you regain. You may choose to gain spell slots that exceed what you can normally have. For each spell slot you take that exceeds your max for that level (including levels you do not have access to), take additional psychic damage equal to double the slot level. None of the psychic damage taken from the draft can be avoided or diminished in any way. If you attempt to consume more than one draft within a 24 hour period, the psychic damage is doubled for each draft taken after the first.

Equalizing Amulet
Wondrous Item, uncommon
An unbalanced scale is depicted on this copper amulet. While wearing this amulet and you land a critical hit on an attack, you may choose to do normal damage and give the amulet 1 charge. When you roll a natural 1, you may choose to expend 1 charge to turn the miss into a hit with half damage, or if you miss an attack with any other roll you may, you may spend 2 charges to turn the miss into a hit with half damage. You may choose to spend twice as many charges to make the hit deal normal damage instead of half damage.
The locket can store a total of 7 charges at any given time. When you find the locket, it has 1d4-1 charges already stored inside.

Essence Armor
Armor, very rare
You may spend 1 minute to collect a piece of the essence of a creature that has died within 1 minute (the ritual must start within 1 minute of the creature dyeing). The DM may select a unique ability from the creature, such as a trolls regeneration, a basilisk's petrifying gaze, or one of a beholder's ray abilities. If the DM deems that the creature did not have any unique abilities (such as a human commoner) the essence may still be absorbed as a generic charge. The armor may hold up to 10 essences or charges at a time. If you collect an 11th, you may choose which of the 11 is lost.
As a bonus action, you may choose one ability to benefit from for the next 3 rounds, ending at the end of the 3rd round, or you may dismiss the effects as a bonus action, or by activating another effect as a bonus action. Alternatively, as a bonus action, you may choose any number of essences or charges to boost your AC by 1 per essence. This is treated exactly the same as any other activated essence.

Exertion Manual
Wondrous Item, legendary
This manual takes 100 hours to read. Once complete, you increase the potential of a class, racial, or other ability that is something you can do regardless of items you have. This is something to consider with the DM and get approval on anytime before selecting the improvement. It should be a single improvement, such as an extra action surge per short rest OR action surges being able to allow an additional bonus action as well.

Gauntlets of Piercing
Wondrous Item, uncommon
These clawed gauntlets can be used for unarmed strikes, turning the attack into slashing damage, and granting an additional 1d4 slashing damage. In addition, the gauntlets have 3 charges which are regained at midnight. Before you make an attack you may choose to apply any number of charges. If the attack hits, you deal 1d6 poison damage per charge spent.

Inspirational Instrument
Wondrous Item, uncommon
Once per day, you may use a bonus action to quickly play the instrument to give a creature within 60ft of you 1d4 that can be applied to any roll within the next 10 minutes. Also, if you are proficient with the instrument, as a free action when initiative is rolled you may grant temporary hit points to up to 6 creatures within 60ft of you equal to your proficiency bonus. These temporary hit points may stack with other temporary hit points, but are lost after you leave initiative.

Kaross of Voracious Spellcasting
Wondrous Item, very rare (optional attunement)
This cape made from the pelt of a Rakshasha is a mote of magical potential. While wearing it, once per day you may choose to cast a spell that requires concentration through it. When you do so, the kaross maintains the spell for you, removing the concentration feature from the spell. Though you may not end the spell you cast through the kaross early either. Also, once per day you may cast disguise self with the kaross without using a spell slot.
If attuned, you may cast a concentration spell through the kaross once per short rest. Also, you are immune to spells targeting you that are cast at 1st level. Also, if the Rakshasha this kaross was made from is alive and on the same plane as you, you know this, and the Rakshasha knows what direction and roughly how far you are.

Katabatic Draft
Wondrous Item, uncommon
Light wind spills from the open bottle. Enough wind for 10 minutes, but can use in 1 minute increments.

Locket of Reckoning
Wondrous Item, very rare
While wearing this locket and you roll a natural 1 for an attack roll, the locket gains 1 charge. After you see the result of an attack roll, you may expend charges from the locket to expand your critical range by 1 for every 2 charges you spend. When you expend charges in this way, the locket bursts open for a split second and the energy seeps into your body.
Alternatively, if the locket is opened manually, all charges burst out in a 15ft cone. Any creature in the area must make a dexterity saving throw (DC 10 +number of charges), taking 1d4+1 force damage per charge, or half as much on a successful save. This expends all charges in the locket.
The locket can store a total of 7 charges at any given time. When you find the locket, it has 1d4-1 charges already stored inside.

Manifest of Circles
Wondrous Item, very rare
You may name the coordinates of a location, which will activate a magic circle spell to the nearest magic circle to the given coordinates. The unless the coordinates are exactly on a circle, the nearest circle might be on a different plane, such as a nearby location in the shadowfell or feywild. Once the manifest has been used, it burns in arcane flames.

Oblique Vial
Wondrous Item, rare
The contents of this vial are indiscernible and undetectable even by magic. It's most common use is to smuggle poisons or potions through customs or into areas otherwise not allowed. The contents may be transferred into a normal vial without issue.

Ooze Hood
Wondrous Item, rare
Covers your face so people cannot see your face or where you are looking. It can morph to look like your face and can look in any direction you choose regardless of the direction you are actually looking. This ability functions even if the disguise self or other magic is altering your form or appearance as long as you have a head.

Poisoned Sheath
Wondrous Item, uncommon
This sheath is lined with toxic materials. When obtained, the DM determines if it is lined with poison, acid, alchemical fire, or alchemical ice. The first attack that hits after a weapon is drawn from this sheath deals an extra 1d4 of the given damage.

Vial of Quicksand
Wondrous Item, very rare
You can spend your action to break this sealed vial of packed sand onto an area of natural ground within 20ft of you. For 1 hour, a 10sqft quicksand pit centered around where the vial broke covers the ground and is 10ft deep. When a creature enters the area, it sinks 1d4 +1ft into the quicksand and becomes restrained. At the start of each of the creature’s turns, it sinks another 1d4ft. As long as the creature isn’t completely submerged in quicksand, it can escape by using its action and succeeding on a Strength check. The DC is 10 plus the number of feet the creature has sunk into the quicksand. If completely submerged, the creature has until they run out of air before they start to suffocate. Any living creatures in the pit when the effect ends are shunted to the surface and take 2d10 force damage, while dead creatures and other objects are trapped 10ft underground.

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