Snarf's Magnificent Seven: Greatest Action Heroes

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Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
I agree with coming up with a criteria to narrow selection, but the franchise tag I think is too limiting. Its pretty much "7 biggest white guys in hollywood" list.

… and is that really an issue with that criterion, or with Hollywood.

Breaking News, everyone! Ric Romero now reports that Hollywood has had a bias toward white males in the past. What- it’s almost like they would rather trot out Liam Neeson for these roles than take a chance on the many amazing actors we have.

In other news - don’t watch Touch of Evil.

(On a slightly more serious note, I am reasonably confident Charlize Theron will be joining the inaugural close soon. And I can certainly see the argument for the inclusion of Will Smith, given his domination in the Willenium.)

Edit- if you want a more diverse list, just get rid of the Hollywood rule- not the franchise rule. But that’s in the OP.


He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
… and is that really an issue with that criterion, or with Hollywood.
The criterion. Getting rid of the franchise tag opens it up to women like Theron as you mentioned, black guys like Snipes and Denzel, and of course one of the greatest action stars Bruce Lee. Which is why its more fun to cheat your list than to actually follow it. Like I said, I agree, usually, with your criteria, but this time its too narrow for no apparent good reason. There are better ways to narrow the list than franchise and no supers.

You could still Wickerbate in front of everyone too :)

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